Announcement: Demon Knights Cancelled

demon knights #23

A great day of mourning has finally arrived. Today, DC Comics released their full solicitations for the month of August 2013. Every month, I’ve eagerly awaited reading about the upcoming comics, especially about my favorite series Demon Knights. Sadly, this series ends with Issue #23 (ironically, 23 is my lucky number). This comes on the heels of my review of the recent Demon Knights #20the start of a new arc that sadly will close out this amazing tale.

Honestly, this comic is the best thing I’ve read from DC in the last few years. It’s been full of great art, witty writing, and an enjoyable cast of characters. I’ll really miss this series, which truly gave me all I could ask for and more from a fantasy title.

Sadly, sales figures did this series in, but Demon Knights is not alone. Several other series are also set to receive the ax come August, though I don’t read any of them:

Dial H (which I’ve heard great things about)

Legion of Super-Heroes


In the wake of these cancellations, I’m wondering if DC plans to add any new titles to their lineup come August (since “New 52” is currently more like “New 50” even before this news). Obviously, I’m holding out for an Amethyst solo title (since my other fantasy love Sword of Sorcery ends this week). I just pray we don’t get yet another Batman title. On the bright side, at least Robert Venditti is staying with DC to write Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, the latter of which will reunite him with Demon Knights alum Bernard Chang.

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