Jun 302013

 Adam Warrock

It’s been quite some time since our last “Give It a Shot!”, but after having discovered the awesome work of Adam WarRock I just had to get his music out there. Adam WarRock raps about numerous pop culture topics from superheroes to Firefly to Game of Thrones. His music is really good, and he’s performed at numerous venues including SXSW in Austin, TX and has received acclaim from industry figures such as Matt Fraction and Nathan Fillion. Below, I’ve posted a few of his songs that I like the best, though all of his music is quite good. If you want to see more, check out his channel.

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Jun 302013

Alohaaaa — here’s Fenrir all the way from Hawaii with a quick little Fantastic Feast! I feel like we haven’t seen one of these in a very, very long time, but never fear, dear readers, I’ve got your back with a quirky food idea that you’ve probably heard of but never bothered to try.

Spam musubi - one of the favorite foods of the Aloha state

Spam musubi – one of the favorite foods of the Aloha state

I’m talking about Spam musubi and if you’re brave enough to put aside all thoughts about health and wellness and crack open a can of some mystery meat, you certainly have the makings of a “fool proof” finger-food to scare and delight your friends!

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Jun 292013

Hello everyone, Fenrir here with a review of PIXAR’s latest film: Monsters University. I will be honest here and say that I walked in with very little expectations–save that I knew first-hand of the artistry that went behind the making of Monsters University, thanks to the PIXAR Masterclass. Monsters Inc. was one of my favorite films as a child, and a first-glance look at some of the early trailers made me wary, especially with my disappointment with Brave last summer I did my best to curb my excitement.


Fortunately, I was wrong about my earlier wariness about the film and can say that Monsters University preformed above and beyond my expectations to deliver a film that actually strikes pretty close to home for the outgoing class of 2013 and the incoming freshman of 2017.

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Jun 292013

Put your guns on!

Sengoku Basara Samurai Kings logo

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

Evening ladies and gentlemen, the Inverseman here with the anime adaptation for Capcom’s hit game series, Sengoku Basara. Historical accuracy is out and manliness is in! But how manly is it? Let’s find out!

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Jun 282013

What better than a good old fashioned ghost story? Well, a lot of things, but for Netflix month we’ve found ourselves a doozy. Not just a ghost story, but a British supernatural period piece thriller, making it a little bit of a triple threat. Foreign horror films, usually Asian but sometimes European too, tend to be scarier (or at least more interesting). Whether its because of different cultural story telling technique, the evolution of local cinema, or even just a film industry that doesn’t place all its money on safe, possibly-profit-making movie, they tend to be better made. But will this be the case for this BBC production?

Let’s take a look at The Awakening.

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Jun 272013

It’s time for a figure spotlight. Let’s take a look at Good Smile Company’s 1/7 scale figure of Tharja (Sallya in Japan) from the game Fire Emblem: Awakening (Fire Emblem: Kakusei in Japan).

God almighty. Those curves. That cloth. No wonder they censored her butt in the North American DLC. Instant pre-order.


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