Jul 012013


This year’s E3 certainly wasn’t an E3 miss, considering the myriad of games shown as well as the unveiling of two new consoles, and all the paradigm shifts that come with them. I could talk about this year’s E3 at length, but it wouldn’t really be “Mecha Monday” then, now would it? So instead I’ll focus on the mecha games shown this year. Now there are a couple of pretty huge ones, both of which have taken center stage at respective conferences. That’s a lot better than I can say about most E3s. Best we usually get is MechWarrior or a new Armored Core. Obviously, I’m pretty excited. Continue reading »

Jul 012013

On this week’s podcast, Silverwolf sits down with Knight of Alpha, Iron Falcon, and Duke (and is briefly joined by Bradley towards the end) to discuss everything from the horror genre, to Doctor Who villains, to Mel Brooks movies, and James Robinson’s track record.

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