Jul 032013

Considering its long and illustrious history, The Legend of Zelda series is one that, perhaps more than any other, I wish I could say I’ve enjoyed since its genesis. I wish the sum of its parts would grasp my nostalgic memories of childhood like it does for so many of our kind. But no, my first Zelda game was Twilight Princess, a significantly late start by any standard.

Despite this, I would consider myself to be a fan of the series. While it’s true that I never grew up with the games, and it’s also unfortunately true that I’ve played less than half the titles in the series to their completion, Twilight Princess left me with such an impression of perfection and ecstasy that I can’t help but feel like there’s something fundamental in the formula that I’m completely enamored by. With that being said, much of what captured my heart in that title has to do with it’s ascetic feel and sheer depth (I believe my first playthrough culminated in around 200+ hours, for reasons I can no longer remember), not to mention Midna, who I still consider to be one of the most likable and interesting side characters in gaming.

So can Ocarina of Time, a title that likely tops more best of all time lists than anything else in creation, illuminate my soul with the same magic I felt back in middle school when Twilight Princess graced my shiny new Wii? Even without the fresh mind of a child and without playing it in its intended context?

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Ocarina of Time - TRAVIS - 1

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