If Free!’s Haruka Was a Girl…

By humitan

By humitan

What if Haruka from Free! was a girl? Well, a Twitter user going by the handle humitan (also the name he/she goes by on pixiv) tweeted a picture of a genderswapped Haruka, which immediately went viral.  The pic has since been retweeted over 18,000 times with nearly 17,000 favorites since its posting on July 5th.


Free! has caused quite the debate in the anime community. Our very own Fenrir and Inverseman have each given their thoughts about the show as well. If this one little picture says anything, it’s that people love their moe girls. Personally, I see no problem with Free! since there’s plenty of male fan service shows out there. Although, I have to admit, the premise of a female Free! cast is kinda appealing…

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  1. I saw this awhile back, and it does sadly say a lot about the fandom.

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