Walkure Romanze News! Anime Promo, Celia Figures, and Fandisc Release

Walkure Romanze, the second adult visual novel by Ricotta, is getting an anime adaptation. 8-Bit will be producing the series. The first promotional video was streamed on Wednesday, June 27th.

For those unfamiliar with Ricotta, their first adult visual novel was Princess Lover!, which was also adapted into an anime (and called the worst anime ever made by Jack Guo).


Also of note, one of the heroines of Walkure Romanze (and one of my 100 waifus), Celia Cumani Aintree, is getting a few figures. Kaitendoh recently released their rendition of Celia (pics here), and Daiki Kougyou will be releasing theirs in August (pics here).


And lastly, a fandisc (an extension to the main game) of Walkure Romanze titled Walkure Romanze More&More will be released this October.


I love fandiscs...so many moar girls to court!

I love fandiscs…so many moar girls to court!

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