It’s Adventurrito Time!


Hey guys, Judge here with a quick food related update. I’m a big fan of Chipotle and their burritos, and just yesterday, Chipotle kicked off their 20th anniversary celebration with a three-week-long treasure hunt called “Adventurrito.” Each evening at 20:20 MT time, Chipotle will release a daily puzzle. Once unlocked, the puzzle stays unlocked until “Adventurrito” is over (at 20:20MT on August 3rd). That means that if you join “Adventurrito” after it’s started, you will still be able to play and work on any puzzle that’s been unlocked in any order. Also, for the first 24 hours that a puzzle is available, you can enter a daily drawing to win a year of burritos just by trying to solve the puzzle. So even if the answer is wrong, you’re automatically entered!

However, all eyes are on the grand prize: free burritos for 20 years (or more specifically, one burrito per week for 20 years). This will require solving the first 19 puzzles as well as the final puzzle that will be unlocked at 20:20 MT on August 2nd and only available for 24 hours, until 20:20MT on August 3rd. It’s important to note that you must complete the first 19 puzzles to even have a shot at the final puzzle. There will be 20 grand prize winners, which will be determined by score and completion time for the final puzzle. So if you have the highest score on the puzzle and are one of the first 20 people with that score to complete the puzzle, you win it all.

In terms of the math, the winners from the first 19 days of the competition alone will be treated to 19,760 burritos. After adding the grand prize  winners, the total comes out to 40,560 free burritos.

More details can be read on the official “Adventurrito” site. Happy puzzle solving! Yours truly will definitely be trying to win free burritos for 20 years.

EDIT 7/17/2013: I realized after a few days that I should have made a few Adventure Time references in this post. First, I’ve changed the title from “It’s Time for Adventurrito!” to “It’s Adventurrito Time!” Second, who can forget the below image?


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