Summer 2013 Anime Impressions: Servant x Service and Love Lab!

Kaushik here, and with the summer season just starting so too are some of my summer anime previews. A lot of shows I’d like to watch are airing this season, and finding the time to watch them is beginning to get a little difficult, but I’m watching some here and there. This week I’ll be starting with 2 slice-of-life comedy shows. The setting of these shows however are quite different so I’m expecting different things for each show. The first one I’ll cover is Servant x Service, so let’s get going~

Love Lab Opening

Servant x Service is a manga adaptation and is mostly a slice-of-life and comedy work. The plot centers the workers of a governmental office building in Japan, doing the general work of civil servants. Processing forms, dealing with questioning citizens, and organizing data. Honestly, just thinking about it is nearly enough to put me to sleep. Luckily the show doesn’t focus too much on the technicalities of the life of a civil servant, and instead shows the day-to-day life of 3 new recruits to the office. Yamagami (a lot of names follow here) Lucy, Hasebe Yutaka, and Miyoshi Saya. All three of them have some interesting personality quirks and in general make their workplace seem more fun than a civil servant job ought to be.

Servant x Service TitleLucy is more or less the main character of the show, and she’s a diligent young woman embracing her role as a civil servant, though she does possess something of an ulterior motive in applying for such a job. Lucy’s character isn’t particularly interesting, though she’s often the butt of jokes due to her earnest nature and large bust size, so she turns out to be an enjoyable character through the antics of others.

Hasebe Yutaka is an easygoing young man who seemingly has no interest in his civil servant work. He’s constantly joking around and playing pranks on Lucy, and is behind a lot of the humor in the show. Surprisingly, though, he is incredibly adept at his civil servant work, probably more so than any other character in the show. He’s one of those characters that can really do it if he applies himself, but chooses not to.

Miyoshi Saya is a shy quiet girl who has a bit of trouble fitting into her civil service work. She’s gotten the least screen time out of the  3 main characters so far so it’s hard to pin down the nuances of her character. Still, with 2 episodes in, Miyoshi is definitely the least interesting of the bunch.

Servant x Service Characters

I think the easiest way I could describe Servant x Service would be: It’s just like Working!!, except less funny. They’re both comedies that rely heavily on the workplace for a lot of the humor, but Working!! just has a more interesting setting and more interesting characters. Now with only 2 episodes out, there’s a chance Servant x Service could be better, but I don’t think that’ll be the case. The characters in Servant x Service just aren’t that good over all, and that’s what it takes to make a really solid slice-of-life comedy show.

Moving on to Love Lab, this is another slice-of-life comedy show, but the setting here is in high school. Moreover, it’s an all-girls high school. At the start it already feels a little generic, since girls in high school is one of the most commonly done ideas for anime these days. Still, Love Lab really wowed me with its first episode, because I was under some incredible misapprehension of the direction the series would take. Instead, upon viewing the second episode, I came to the horrible realization that this would just be another several girls doing cute things in school. The gimmick here is that we have something of a theme to the cute things: the girls participate in this secret “Love” club of a sort, where they practice love techniques on, well, each other.

Love Lab Main Characters

Yeah that sounds way more dirty than it actually is. In fact this is an exercise of pure love, so nothing dirty going on here. Mostly it’s one of the main characters, the beautiful perfect student council president Maki Natsuo, being an idiot with a pillow. And the other main character, Kurahashi Riko, frequently beats her out of it. While I may have had some horrible misapprehensions on the direction this show was going to take, I think the way it ended up is just fine, if a tad bit generic. I’m getting strong Yuru Yuri vibes from this one, though so far I’m enjoying the Love Lab characters more. It’s a cute and funny show, and while it’s not incredibly unique or groundbreaking, it’s okay at what it does. I’ll keep watching this one.

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I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.


I write about anime and stuff. Giant robots are pretty cool, too.

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