Ufotable Remaking Fate/stay night Anime

Rin says, "Fuck yeah!"

Rin says, “Fuck yeah!”

That’s right folks, Ufotable will be remaking the popular Fate/stay night anime.  But now we’ll be able to see a proper adaptation with high quality animation instead of the mediocre job done by Studio DEEN (to be fair, it was good at the time, although we’ve been spoiled lately). I guess it was to be expected considering the popularity of Fate/Zero. However, you don’t see me complaining. Until Shirou starts speaking. Then you might start hearing me complain. Make sure to check out our review of the Fate/Zero anime (part 1 and part 2) as well as our review of the Fate/stay night visual novel.

[via: SeventhStyle]

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