Jul 182013

HE’S BACK EVERYBODY! Your favorite sociopath symbiotic supervillain is BACK and set for the kill!


This fan favorite supervillain has been dormant since his last outing in the rather disappointing crossover arc between Venom and the Scarlet Spider in MINIMUM CARNAGE. Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Hawkeye #12 cover

It’s hard to believe about a year has passed since the Hawkeye series debuted. When it first started, I doubt anyone figured it would become one of the most fun and most popular books Marvel releases. Now, however, the series has a strong fan following, evidence not only by sales figures, but also by the palpable increase in Hawkeye merchandise and cosplayers. The series has taken numerous risks, such as placing Clint’s dog Lucky in the starring role of Issue #11, while Issue #12 focuses on Barney Barton, Hawkeye’s older brother. Could Fraction’s gambit in this issue pay off?

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