Sanity’s Other Side: Top Ten Hottest (Male) Gym Leaders and Elite Four

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Evening, ladies and gents! The Inverseman here with a top ten list. Tonight we’re going to look at my personal top ten hottest gym leaders and Elite Four members, but with a twist! These will be the hottest MALE gym leaders and Elite Four members. So get warmed up and get ready to lift!

Honorable Mention – Chuck

Chuck official art

Oh Chuck. You try to do fun shenanigans with Mind Reader and high power fighting type moves, but the one mind you can’t read is a woman’s. Being happily married has gotten you chubby. If only you worked out more like your Pokemon, then you’d be on the top ten.


10. Juan

Juan official art

Wallace’s mentor is a sharp dresser and a true gentleman by every means. When he’s not doing gym work, you can catch him coordinating in a Pokemon contest or appreciating the arts. Ladies canonically line up to see this dapper dandy. His only flaw was letting his pupil use a Luvdisc.


9. Bruno

Bruno official art

A shirtless martial artist, what’s not to love? Bruno is a modest man whose single minded dedication to getting stronger is thoroughly attractive. When you train as often as he does, shirts tend to not come in your size anymore. He even learned his lesson and ditched his second Onix in generation 2.


8. Lucian

Lucian official art

A book smart Elite Four member who captures Mio Naganohara’s definition of cool, Lucian takes place number eight for being the textbook megane archetype. He’s a man of eclectic interests in the Canalave library, taking from philosophy, novels, visual arts, and science fiction.  He probably gets so few challengers that he could read an entire book before you go challenge him. Oh wait.


7. Crasher Wake

C.Wake offiical art

Lucha libre! Crasher Wake is not only a muscley man’s man, he’s also a family man! The hero of kids everywhere, he’s a role model in and out of the ring! The guy is so manly he can diffuse a bomb. Though I do have one strike against the man, he’s a fake, he’s not a foreigner, he’s a native Japanese man from Sinnoh.


6. Morty

Morty official art

The dreamboat of fangirls everywhere. Between his fashionable sweater and scarf, his cool hair, and his knowledgeable base on local myths and legends, Morty is a chart topper for many fans. Not as manly enough for me in my book, but I do appreciate his mysterious personality as ghost type gym. He’s a solid member of my top ten.


5. Lt. Surge

Surge official art

An all-American hero (aka he’s probably from Unova), Lt. Surge is probably representative of American influence in Japan, so his character has multiple layers, perhaps in so much as back to Commodore Perry opening up Japan from its isolationism. Surge knows what’s up, he evolved his Pikachu into a superior (well, without Light Ball) Raichu. He gets even better in HGSS where he gets some cool shades and turns into Guile.


4. Steven

Steven official art

Steven is heir to the Devon Corp so you know he’s a whiz with machines and is quite the stylish dresser. A cool steel user and champion of Hoenn. Steven is a real bro, he hands you all kinds of rare items and even a Beldum (who evolves into one of my favorite Pokemon, Metagross) He’s somewhat popular among fans and secures fourth place.


3. Flint

Flint official art

Flint’s big claim to fame is his awesome afro and his fiery spirit. When you meet him, you already know he cares about his best pal, Volkner. He’ll even double battle you to raise his friend’s spirits. What a bro! Flint’s even a smart battler, he realizes to be a fire member, he just needs fire moves, not necessarily a team that can be one-shoted by a sole water type.


2. Drake and Drayden

Drake official art Drayden official art

Both are extreme old men that are dragon masters that are manly men. Drake is a shirtless captain who know no bounds in commanding his fleet of OP dragon types (OK I lied he has an Altaria but she’s cool too) whereas Drayden actually wrestles his Pokemon. That’s right, an old man who was alive before Unova got Pokeballs continues to fight the strongest Pokemon type in the world with his bare fists. Drake’s captain shtick gives him points but Drayden has an epic beard, both tie for second.


1. Volkner

Volkner official art

Best friend to Flint and ambitious battle enthusiast, Volkner is my number one hottest male gym leader. He has a spicy friendship with Flint as the stoic one. However, he is a driven man, turning his entire city into an electrifying solar cell. The best part about this coolly dressed gym leader is when you beat him and the cracks in his demeanor show as he lets out a hearty laugh. By having a mix of tough enough design, great characterization, and an overall enjoyable gym battle, Volkner takes the gold


Join me next time when I talk about the new light type.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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