Review: Superior Spider-Man #14

The SUPERIOR Spider-Man…Just hearing the name can make a fanboy’s blood boil. Many have spoken about the treatment of our favorite super heroes in recent years, from their representation through films, to the directions their writers take their stories. Fans across the globe share a common hatred for the butchering of our favorite characters. But no character has been butchered so thoroughly in recent years, as the AMAZING Spider-Man.

Superior-Spider-man cover-14

For the sake of this review, and so that I don’t preemptively ruin many people’s favorite super heroes in one week, I shall not be going into thorough back-story for this issue. Instead, I shall be giving the folks at home reading this humble article, a brief overview of what’s happening in our now NOT so friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s world.

We open up issue #14 of the SUPERIOR Spider-Man with a narration by a civilian, talking about how tough life in Hell’s Kitchen has become since the Kingpin, WILSON FISK, moved his base of operations there. The Kingpin is relishing the fact that Spider-Man has been on a rampage, taking down every crime family in New York one by one over the past few weeks, leaving the Kingpin as the sole ruler of crime in NYC. His monologue, however, is cut short by a thumping and stomping outside the gates of his Japanese inspired fortress. What is causing this commotion?


The SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and his henchman. And giant spider robots. Yes, Spider-Man has been patrolling NYC with his own personalized spider henchman called the “ARACHNAUGHTS.” Using his miniature army of spider robots and lackies, Spider-Man does away with Wilson Fisk’s “HAND NINJA” and decimates the pagoda stronghold from its very foundations.


As the “Arachnaughts” keep the innocent civilians at bay, causing no unnecessary casualties from this battle, Spider-Man is contacted by none other than J. Jonah Jameson, mayor of NYC. The mayor is obviously a bit peeved with our hero, as he took it upon himself to initiate an attack against the city of New York. Spider-Man replies by saying that near all of NYC knew what was truly transpiring in Hell’s Kitchen. Spider-Man, the police, and even the Avengers themselves vouched that Hell’s Kitchen was now under the domain of the Kingpin, yet nothing was done.  Jameson still wont stand for this hot shot behavior from Spider-Man, that is until Spider-Man reminds Jameson about his order to kill Alistair Smythe in the previous issue. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT FOLKS! Spider-Man is blackmailing J. Jonah Jameson.

How far will Spidey take this blackmail? What are his plans for New York? Why the new costume? All to be revealed soon my friends.


Dan Slott, who has had a very good run with our web-slinging hero since the start of the Spider-Man “BIG TIME” event  is writing the current run of Spider-Man. His talent is undeniable, but some, myself included are question how he has been treating the Web Head in recent months. Humberto Ramos, who has also been a regular artist for Amazing AND Superior Spider-Man lends his art to the book. His style is very cartoonish, but fun and works well for the spider books. Though I question his new design for Spidey’s costume, I can’t deny I love his artwork for the Green Goblin and other villains.

Overall, this is a strong issue and a lot of fun. My only qualm with it is how we came to see this issue. How previous events have brought us to this point. But if you want my opinion on that, dear readers, come back next week to see what I have in store for you.


-Dan Slott’s writing stays strong

-Artwork is fantastic

-Great action sequences and set up for next issue


-Spidey’s new costume

-The SUPERIOR direction of the title

Rating: 4.5/5


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