Give It a Shot! – The Sixth Gun

Sixth Gun Issue 1

The Sixth Gun is the best comic series you’ve probably never heard of. Yes, I realize how hipster that sounds, but it’s really true: it’s an amazing comic which almost no one is aware of. Read on to find out why this indie series from Oni Press, publisher of Scott Pilgrim, is worth checking out!

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt team up in what can only be described as the weirdest, wildest Western ever. The Sixth Gun tells the story of Drake Sinclair and Becky Montcrief, two individuals whose destinies become entwined with a series of six magical pistols. Each pistol has a different exceptional ability, and different forces struggle to claim all six. But what happens when all the guns come together? And what destiny awaits the individuals who wield them?


Why is The Sixth Gun worth checking out? Frankly put, this is a comic series which does everything right. Hurtt’s art is beautiful, intriguing, and creepy, perfect for this mystical Western narrative. Meanwhile, Bunn’s writing is the kind that draws you in and makes you eager to turn each new page. The world-building is great, giving is a layered world with an interesting story without hand-waving anything or using weird plot devices. Bunn also gives us great character studies, making us interested in the struggles of Becky, Drake, and company. Ever issue of this series is a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s ever had even a passing interest in the Western genre. The world you dive into when reading The Sixth Gun is wildly intriguing, so go out and give it a shot today!

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