Aug 202013

Dear 2NE1, when I said I hope you don’t wait too long for your next single, I didn’t mean you should release a new one after only a month had gone by. With this sudden re-emergence of 2NE1, some important questions arise. Is YG worried about their longevity? Did they have both songs on the back burner? Are they desperate to follow up their last single, or to bury this one as fast as they can? We’re here to find out.

Let’s take a listen to Do You Love Me.

do you love me cover

Here is the music video, with a lyrics video you can find here:

The lyrics are more of same from their last single Falling In Love with the singers gushing over a guy, claiming that he is the only one that can open their hearts and have their love. Whether or not this love in requited is unknown to the singers, but ultimately their feelings remain the same. The lyrics have to same sort of ballad sentimentality that feels out of place in a dance song, especially when they are so emotionally invested being laid over the strong bass just detracts from the words and the beat.

The video is a sort of home-video-esque party video, with no dance choreography involved, which is why I won’t be commenting on it (but you can see the dance practice here). While it is refreshing to see the women at least pretending to have fun running around and being normal people, but it seems sort of lazy and messy. It doesn’t look like they are having fun, they just look like they just posing to look like their having fun rather than actually enjoying themselves. I think it was an interesting style to try, and I’m not one to put down new ideas right away, but I think it would have worked with a more upbeat party song. Still, points for letting them at least have a video where they look like regular people having a night out (sort out).

First boys, now toilets? Wow, 2NE1, way to be innovative.

First boys, now toilets? Wow, 2NE1, way to be innovative.

In terms of the song itself, this is one of the worst songs they have produced in my opinion. Here’s the problem – there’s no way to take the sentiment of the lyrics and try to bump them up with a strong beat and that doesn’t work. Songs that have tried a similar blend like I Love You  and Falling in Love where the verses would be slow before transitioning into the party part. This song tries be high energy the whole way and falls flat the entire way because of it. The vocals are not as strong as their other work, and there seems to be none of the typical charisma they bring to the table. It doesn’t help that the chorus becomes extremely repetitive and grating mid-way through the song.

Even if you get the hot guys to "sing" it for you, it's still a bad song.

Even if you get the hot guys to “sing” it for you, it’s still a bad song.

Do You Love Me is by all definitions bad. The song is totally uninspired – they attempted to mix the sentiment of a ballad with the beat of a club song and failed miserably on both accounts. As a whole, the song feels like its trying hard to get you excited but can only manage to stay on its feet with that annoying repetitive beat. The video is the only saving grace for this single, and even then it feels like that one hazy night you spent as a college freshmen – mildly interesting but ultimately unsatisfying.


– Good video.

– Good lyrics.


– Monotonous droning beat.

– Strange combination of lyrics and style of song.

Rating: 1.5/5


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