Give It a Shot! – 8 Bit Cinema

Do you like 8 bit retro things? Do you like movies? Then “8 Bit Cinema” is just for you!

What is “8 Bit Cinema?” Simply put, it’s a video series brought to you by the YouTube channel CineFix. They take awesome movies and retell them as retro NES/SNES/arcade games. Hence why it’s called “8 Bit.”  They’re fairly short, but that doesn’t detract from how awesome they are. The first entry in the series was Iron Man, which came out in May (probably to coincide with the release of Iron Man 3, which we reviewed). Take a look below!

You can find the rest of the series here. So far, they’ve also done Star Trek (2009) (our review), Anchorman, G.I. Joe: Retaliation (our review), Kick-Ass (our review), and Bladerunner.

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