Steam Greenlights 100 Games, Including C-Wars


Steam Greenlight has been a great way for small developers to promote their games and have them featured on Steam. Although this is a great service, the rate of games that are eventually greenlit is small. Valve has acknowledged this, and in an unprecedented move yesterday, they greenlit 100 games. 100. Let that sink in a bit.

According to Valve, “This latest milestone is both a celebration of the progress we’ve made behind the scenes and a stress test of our systems. Future batches are not likely to be as large, but if everything goes smoothly we should be able to continue increasing the throughput of games from Greenlight to the Steam store.” A full list of all 100 games can be found here.


Art by: Gashi-gashi

Some of the titles that were greenlit include ones I have personally backed on Kickstarter. The ones in question are Chroma Squad, a super sentai tactical turn-based manager game (ironically enough, the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary was yesterday as well), Freedom Planet, a high speed platform game inspired by Mega Man, Sonic, and Gunstar Heroes, and C-Wars. You may recall an interview I conducted with Onipunks, the developer of C-Wars, back in June.


I have to say kudos to Valve, and congratulations to all games that were greenlit. I can’t wait to try some of them out!

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