Wii U GamePad Helps Almost Blind Girl Play Her First Video Game


I’m a generally negative person, but there are always a few stories out there that really move me. This story was one for sure.

After browsing Facebook earlier today, I saw post in my news feed by IGN that caught my eye. An IGN blogger by the name of zenspath shared a touching story about his almost blind daughter Jennifer and her difficulty in trying to play video games. However, it turned out the Wii U GamePad and Super Luigi U were the perfect combination to enable his daughter to have her first video game experience.

Since she’s almost blind, she has to get really close to any screen to see anything. This would obviously cause problems since the rest of the family wouldn’t be able to see the t.v. while they played if she was right next to it. Using the GamePad fixed this, as she now had her own little screen to use. Also, most young children get easily frustrated with dying in a video game (believe me, I got so frustrated with Super Mario World when I was a kid). Super Luigi U addressed this, as the new character Nabbit could not die. You know, instead of me explaining it, why don’t you just see for yourself below.

I have to say, this is pretty awesome. It’s moments like this that we should step back and realize why we fell in love with gaming in the first place: the experience. Just look at how much fun Jennifer was having. So much of today’s gaming is caught up in flame wars and other negative things. It doesn’t help that gamers have become really entitled. I think we should take a look at Jennifer and remember once again that gaming will always be about the experience you have, not like things such as which system is better than the other.

Thanks zenspath for sharing, and I hope you and Jennifer continue to have many more awesome video game moments.

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