Bayonetta and Jeanne Are Playable Characters in The Wonderful 101, Creator Wants to Make 3DS Jeanne Spin-Off


At PAX this past weekend, Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games announced that Bayonetta and Jeanne are secret characters in The Wonderful 101. Kamiya served as director of The Wonderful 101 and was the creator of Bayonetta. 

You can also catch Bayonetta and Jeanne in Bayonetta 2, which will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U sometime in 2014. Kamiya also revealed to Siliconera that if given a chance, he would like to create a Nintendo 3DS game featuring Jeanne. He added he would like to do a spin-off for Okami as well (if you forgot, Kamiya was also the director for Okami back when Platinum Games was Clover Studio).

A 3DS spin-off featuring the witch in red? Yes please!

A 3DS spin-off featuring the witch in red? Yes please!

I really like the incorporation of other Platinum Game characters in The Wonderful 101, which releases here in the U.S. September 15th. I also dig the idea of Bayonetta and Okami spin-offs for the 3DS. Only time will tell, but given the ever increasing relationship between Nintendo and Platinum Games, these games might become reality.

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