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Though the very word “comic” derives from a humorous tradition, few comic books today actually focus on humor. Sure, there’s a clever joke thrown into an issue of a serious series here and there, but the majority of the market is dominated by stories of a less than jovial slant. Of course, there are a few humor series out there, but they vary in quality from downright hilarious to awkwardly pathetic. Valiant Comics, however, contains not one but two great humor series. I’ve discussed Archer & Armstrong in the past, so today I’m here to talk a little bit about Quantum & Woody!


Quantum & Woody stars the titular “heroes” with the affectionate nickname of the World’s Worst Superhero Team. Eric, aka Quantum, is a former military man and upstanding citizen, while Woody is an absolute rascal. After Eric’s biological father/Woody’s adopted father is mysteriously murdered, the two investigate a machine he built which gives them strange energy-based powers. Their powers force them to remain in proximity, which is complicated by the fact that the two spend even more time bickering with each other than they do fighting villains! Can these two ever hope to become actual heroes?

If you’re not already sold from the description above, let me reiterate that Quantum & Woody is just downright fun. In a world where not just comics, but films, television series, and books all seem to focus on “gritty realism” it’s good to have a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Writer James Asmus is experienced with telling superhero narratives, and he throws a good deal of parody of traditional tropes into his writing. Meanwhile, artist Tom Fowler comes up with some bizarre and wacky scenarios to thrust Eric and Woody into, many of them so downright ridiculous the reader can’t help but chuckle.

Quantum & Wood Ridiculous

Quantum & Woody is a fun series and, given that only three issues are currently out, with the fourth on the way this coming week, it’s easy to jump in. This is a series that isn’t afraid to crack jokes that are borderline (and often over the line) inappropriate, but with a wink and a smile you can’t help but laugh at the utter hilarity of the narrative. That’s why I’m telling you to give Quantum & Woody a shot!

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