Pikmin 3 DLC Available Now


In today’s Nintendo Direct, the first piece of Pikmin 3 DLC was announced and is available for download now. The DLC is free and will add one new map to the game’s mission mode (challenger mode).

Also announced was the “Collect Treasure” pack containing three additional mission mode maps, which is also available now for a price of $1.99. This won’t be the last piece of DLC for Pikmin 3 according to Nintendo. Additional content will be available down the road. For fans of the game, this is great news.

As an aside, I’m really happy that Nintendo is approaching DLC the right way i.e. not trying to nickel and dime their customers. Three maps for $1.99? Sounds good to me. We’ve touched on DLC here at Moar Powah! a few times. If you’re interested, take a look at our thoughts:

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