Mecha Monday: A Brief Glimpse of the Mecha Elements of Sen no Kiseki

sen no kiseki

Do you like mecha RPGs? I’m sure you loved Xenogears and Front Mission, right? Well, another RPG with mecha elements just released! … in Japan.

Another entry in Falcom’s massively popular (in Japan, anyway) Legend of Heroes series, Sen no Kiseki continues Falcom’s conquest of quality story RPGs, a campaign started by Sora no Kiseki. I’m not entirely sure how the mecha works, as it looks like mecha battles may be separated from the regular battles (which puts it more in line with the later Xenosaga titles). However, the inflated health numbers in the mecha battles as well as the melee combat the main character takes part in are very reminiscent of mecha battles in Xenogears.

Obvious spoilers for Sen no Kiseki, of course.

Unfortunately, the game has only been released in Japan, and it looks to be staying there for the time being. While Sen no Kiseki is the sixth game in a sequence of games known for their heavy plots, Trails in the Sky, the first game released in the sequence, got translated in 2011, and its sequel is finally going to make its way overseas next year. If you want to see everything up to and including Sen no Kiseki get translated, you all should go out and support the Trails in the Sky games coming out in English on the PSP and on Steam!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!

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