Review: Deadpool #18

Over the past few years, Wade Wilson has been receiving a significant amount of attention. After his appearance in the Wolverine origins movie, he has been a hot topic all across the comic book community. As he grew in popularity, so did the quality of his book’s writing. I’ve felt that with each new Deadpool story arc, his depth gets just THAT much more impressive.

Long ago he was known as nothing more than an insane goofball mercenary. My older cousins would describe him as a deranged psychopath, which to an extent he is…but there is much more to him than that, SO much more. I believe that there has yet to be a Deadpool story arc to reveal as much extensive character depth for him than this current arc, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Deadpool cover 18

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” has been going on for 4 issues, and each one has progressively raised the stakes higher and higher. As the story started, we became aware that Wade has been getting abducted periodically by a clandestine group and had his organs and DNA stolen for YEARS. But now that he knows about them, he has a chance to fight back, and he does so. However, he is easily overpowered and taken captive by the covert group.

Thankfully, Wade managed to break himself free from his imprisonment and finds his way out of their compound, only to discover he had been brought all the way to NORTH KOREA of all places. He is then brought face to face with the man responsible for his abductions, Butler. Butler threatens Deadpool, stating that he will kill Wade’s family if he doesn’t fall into line. This is laughed off by Wade since he has no family, but unbeknownst to him, he did have a child with a woman named Carmelita Camacho many years ago. This news shook Wade to his core as he only barely made his escape, but not without some help.

He was approached by a strange group of North Korean captives, the leader of which who appeared to be a composite between NIGHTCRAWLER and DEADPOOL.

Deadpool cover 16

Apparently, the remnants of Weapon Plus have been working alongside the North Koreans in an attempt to create mutant soldiers, based off the DNA of the X-Men. With the help of “DEADCRAWLER” Wade discovers that he is not the ONLY Weapon Plus experiment that had been taken captive. After finding and reviving Captain America and Wolverine from their sedation, they work together alongside the North Korean mutant experiments to free themselves and their captive families from the North Korean government.

Captain America save

After a long a bloody battle, Captain America is able to save the captive family members, as Wolverine and Deadpool fight off the Korean soldiers. Wade stands hopeful that he could be united with Carmelita and his long lost daughter.

Korean X-men

Logan grabs Wade and tells him to go ahead and search for Butler while he and Cap looked for Wade’s family. Wade insists on staying, but Logan wants him to leave. His enhanced senses let him know something was wrong. Wade put the pieces together and ran up a steep hill to find a mass grave, and lying in the center was the body of Carmelita Camacho. Frantically, Wade searches for his daughter, hoping to God he would not find her there. Captain America and Logan have to work together to pull Wade from the mass of blood and corpses.


Neither Cap, nor Logan, had ever seen Wade like this, this level of despair and hysteria was upsetting to the point where they stood to comfort Wade as he mourned.

This issue…was powerful. A writer’s intention when telling a story is to evoke and emotional response from the reader in some way shape or form. For this reader, this issue accomplished that goal. I literally cried when I read this book; it was that powerful. This story has broken Wade down to his lowest point and has shown his truest humanity, something that other writers tend to forget when writing the wisecracking mercenary. I also appreciate the fact that, even with their mixed histories, Cap and Logan manage to show compassion for Wade in this difficult time. That is something that practically nobody has ever shown the merc, especially not recently.

The gritty sketching by Declan Shalvey truly bring out the gritty feeling of this story and bring the darker emotional story to life. It is very simple and gritty without devolving into ugly line art. The contrasting colors of the heroes against the dull and dank backgrounds also help make the issue pop.

My only honest issue with this story, is my fear of what may happen in the future. Cap and Logan can finally see the kind of man Wade Wilson truly is; he is more than a greedy blood thirsty mercenary. I am afraid other writers won’t take note of this in later stories and have Cap and Logan continue to berate the merc, as if nothing had happened.


-A fast paced story that only gets better with each issue

-Gritty and tone appropriate artwork

-Occasional levity to break up the action

-An exploration into the depth of Deadpool’s character we have never seen before.



-The fact that Steve and Logan will probably forget this adventure

Rating: 5/5


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