Silverwolf’s Top 3 Favorite and Least Favorite Announcements from NYCC 2013

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Since I’ve moved to the Midwest, I was unable to attend New York Comic Con this year as I have regularly since 2008. Even so, I still wanted to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the convention. Several of my fellow MoarPowah writers have already voiced their reports on the Con, so I decided to compile a list of the top 3 announcements from NYCC 2013 I’m excited for, and the top 3 that made me groan.

Top 3 Best Announcements at NYCC 2013

3. The Return of Tiny Titans


Aw yeah, Titans! Tiny Titans was an All-Ages series that DC published between 2008 and 2012. The comic starred young heroes such as Robin, Raven, Speedy, and Starfire at a very young age as they went to kindergarten and got into all sorts of mischief. There were a lot of clever references to then-current DC Universe continuity thrown in for hardcore comic fans, but with enough lighthearted jokes to be kid-friendly. Creators Art Baltazar and Franco announced as NYCC that Tiny Titans is coming back, though an exact date wasn’t specified. I, for one, am looking forward to diving back into the series which will no doubt poke fun at some of the recent events of the New 52.

2. Eternal Warrior Enters the Year 4001

Eternal Warrior #5 Cover

Valiant Comics keeps pumping out new an interesting ideas in their line. One the first day of NYCC, Valiant revealed that the next arc of Eternal Warrior, dubbed “Eternal Emperor,” will look at the future of the Valiant Universe. Unlike most comic book universes where they often show “possible” futures, the Valiant Universe’s future is set in stone: what we see in this arc is what will happen, not what might happen. Although I gave Eternal Warrior #1 a lukewarm review, Issue #2 recently came out and I liked it quite a bit. It seems series Greg Pak is finding his footing with Gilad Anni-Padda, meaning this second arc will prove exceptional.

1. Lois Lane Comic?


This one is a bit of a stretch, but got me excited nonetheless. I love Superman and his entire supporting cast, especially Lois Lane. At NYCC’s Superman 75th Anniversary Panel, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio, when asked about Lois Lane, stated, “It’s her 75th Anniversary, too. We have big plans for Lois Lane in 2014, and who knows, her name can look just as good on the title of a comic as Superman’s, can’t it?”

Obviously, this isn’t a surefire confirmation, but I’m interested either way. I’m not sure how well a Lois ongoing will fare, but I’d still be willing to add it to my pull list. I think, given a proper creative team and fans rallying behind the series, a Lois Lane ongoing has lots of potential.

Top 3 Worst Announcements from NYCC 2013

3. Marvel’s Strange New Numbering Convention


Marvel is entering the next phase of their relaunch dubbed “All-New Marvel Now!” in the coming months. They’ve announced a few new series and also new arcs for continuing series that serve as great jumping on points. The only problem? These new arcs start with issues with a strange numbering scheme. For instance, Avengers #24 will be called Avengers #24.NOW/Avengers #1. This choice seems more confusing than anything, and I don’t think it’ll really make much difference for sales. Personally, I think a better move would simply be to put “New arc starts here!” or something similar on the cover.

2. Unnecessary Relaunches

Captain Marvel All-New Marvel Now

This one basically follows from my previous discussion. In the same vein as some odd renumbering, Marvel is also relaunching a few series straight from #1 including Captain Marvel. I’ve talked before about my love of Carol Danvers’s new adventures, and I admit the sales figures don’t adequately portray the comic’s strengths. I don’t believe, however, that starting over from #1 will change much; new readers may be tempted to join in, but I get the feeling that the main boosters will still be the Carol Corps. While the first few issues may sell better, given the fact that the series is keeping the same writer it’s unlikely to entice anyone not already on board. It seems a few other series may be getting this treatment in the near future (though no specifics were mentioned), and I’m not sure if that’s really the best strategy. Then again, it’s entirely possible that I’m totally wrong, and these relaunches will bring tons of new fans to some stellar comics.

1. The Return of Stephanie Brown


2014 is Batman’s 75th anniversary, and DC announced there will be a weekly series known as Batman: Eternal to commemorate the event. While I’m excited for this upcoming comic, one announcement made me equal parts happy and nervous. Call me cynical, but I think Stephanie Brown’s upcoming return in Batman: Eternal isn’t necessarily a good thing. While I acknowledge Steph is a good character, I also acknowledge that her fans are very, very devoted. If DC does even one thing wrong with this return, the internet message boards will never hear the end of it. The sad thing is, such open hostility is probably inevitable: while Ms. Brown’s fans are devoted, they’re also a diverse group with widely different views on how she should be portrayed, just like fans of any pop culture character. I’ve got faith DC can give Steph a great return, but I fear it may cause more whining than winning. I encourage fans of the character, however, to buy the book she appears in to, at the very least, give it a chance and thank DC for reviving the character. Who knows, maybe Cassandra Cain, Wally West, and Donna Troy are just around the corner?

What do you think about these announcements? What were your favorite parts of NYCC 2013? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Actually it wasn't an "official" part of NYCC, but the timing of the release of Pokemon X/Y AND a big-ass convention worked perfectly for Nintendo–everyone young and old seemed to be walking around with their 3DS and a copy of X/Y and I've had some of the best inter-player interaction for a Pokemon game ever :0
    Also speaking as a budding publisher, they had some pretty big names for YA fiction and genre fiction running around so that was new and pretty cool

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