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Ordinary school life… 2 DA MAX!!!

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After the Gainax geniuses formed Trigger, and seeing all the awesome potential at hand with Little Witch Academia  people have been waiting with baited breath for a new series and here it is! Blazing out of the gate, Kill la Kill is the latest series by these season anime veterans. Three episodes in, what does the Inversman think? Let’s find out!

Kill la Kill Honnouji Academy

The story is very reminiscent of old totalitarian stories with licks of post-apocalypse. Right in the opening scene, the [sexy] homeroom teacher is giving a very telling lecture about Hitler’s rise to power. In this town, the school Honnouji Academy reigns supreme over the entire land with the student council’s iron fist dictating all aspects of society, even the principal is powerless. Students are given Goku Uniforms, clothes that enhance the wearer’s abilities, based on their competence and obedience. Ryuuko Matoi is a new transfer student armed with a scissor sword, knowing the person who killed her father is in this school. With the mysterious Senketsu, a powerful uniform with a mind of its own, Ryuuko searches for answers, even if it means beating them out of every student at school.

Kill la Kill Ryuuko's sword

Everything about this show is EXTREME. The premise from the get-go is already as wacky as possible. Totalitarian student council that will kill- I mean, expel you on the spot if you’re consistently late? That’s extreme. Ryuuko’s sidekick having a motor mouth while doing an Irish jig every time she’s on screen? That’s extreme genki girl right there. Explanation of who the bad guys are in two sentences? Cut the boring crap, let’s have extreme exposition. Every fight causing massive destruction that sends waves of desks and cannon fodder students flying? Don’t forget, we’ve got extreme fight scenes too. Character designs that leave little to the imagination? Even the fanservice is extreme. This kind of balls-to-the-wall attitude heavily takes cues from Gurren Lagaan and the animators play those cues well, they know what they’re doing.

Kill la Kill xtreme tennis

Ryuuko herself in the crazy cast is very level-headed, the only sane woman in the whole show. Perverts go full Panty & Stocking gaga over her whenever she goes extreme sexy magical girl transformation, much to her dismay and embarrassment. When Ryuuko gets into a fight, she’s gung-ho and virtually every fight seems to be more epic than the last, ready to challenge the evil student council president Satsuki, so every fight feels like it’s “the final battle” even though it’s so far from it. That kind of brazen nature however shows a key aspect of Kill la Kill, it’s oddly logical. Your average battle shonen would have taken numerous episodes to buildup to such a climactic fight, given the hero a new power at the last minute, and somehow let him master it instantly to defeat the enemies or have them run away saying they’ll be back again. Kill la Kill removes the arduous buildup throws new powers at Ryuuko and… She fails miserably at using them because she has not mastered them yet. Instead it’s Ryuuko running away saying she’ll be back after she rethinks her battle plan in her own hot-headed way. I earnestly look forward to seeing Ryuuko master her Godrobe Senketsu through the story and since we’re talking about Kazuki Nakashima, I have no doubts he and his team can keep making the next fight even more epic than the last.

Kill la Kill da bad guys

On soundtrack Hiroyuki Sawano of Guilty Crown acclaim works his magic for wonderful compositions. You know once the pulse-pounding theme song starts playing, it’s time for the good guys to make a comeback. The art itself is very in-your-face with large Japanese text flying at you reminiscent of propaganda whenever a character is introduced or a special attack is launched. The characters have old school flair mixed in with a more conservative feel to the aesthetic derived from Panty and Stocking. The Goku Uniforms remind me of Gunmen from Gurren Lagaan and the wild morphing of things pays homage to FLCL. When summed up, the whole package feels like an old war film inciting glorious revolution for a highly cohesive tone.

Kill la Kill Ryuuko transforming

As of right now, I can’t wait for the next episode of Kill la Kill. Expect a full review after it finishes airing. If you love anything made by the ex-Gainax group, then I highly suggest you check it out! Join me next time when I skateboard down Mount Rushmore with a lion.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


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