Sanity’s Other Side: Five Pokemon Ghost Stories You Don’t Know

So spooky you’ll turn into a ghost type!

Lavender Town map

Pokemon has always been known for ghost stories and creepypasta, perfect for Halloween but instead of the old hat Lavender Town stories, the Red is dead story, and the Pokemon “Black” (no relation to generation five) story, on this dark and stormy night, let’s hear some ghost stories that never get enough attention.


5. The Scientific Atrocities of Sinnoh’s Team Galactic

Red Chain of lake gods

You might be wondering why Team Galactic makes this list, okay their grunts have no idea what the mission is, let alone their leader’s God complex. But once you attack their base and get to the underground you hear of the Red Chain Cyrus made and talk with countless Galactic scientists sick to their stomach from making the chain out of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, the Gods of Soul. It’s quite easy to imagine what horrible experiments were performed on the Lake Trio, given the horror of the Red Chain’s creation and those little red gems on each of their heads. For sci-fi what-horrors-have-we-done, this ranks at number five. And if you’re still in the mood for an old fashioned ghost story, just look at Eterna Forest’s abandoned house.


4. Unova’s Marvelous Bridge and the Strange House

Pokemon Strange House

If you’re playing Black and White, you really don’t pay the bridges of Unova much mind; they’re big and that’s it.  But there’s this little girl that just inexplicably vanishes from the bridge and all you know is that the bridge was built over her house after she died. In Black/White 2 you find the Strange House on the outskirts of Unova and it turns out Darkrai was haunting the girl while she was alive. It’s no problem though, just get Cresselia’s Lunar Wing to cure the nightmares. Only problem was that they were too late. Now the girl haunts the bridge where she and her Abra played, burdened to return the Lunar Wing forever…


3. Litwick’s Whole Family is Evil


Litwick is a cute Pokemon and when he evolves all the way up to Chandelure, he’s pretty cool and a great Pokemon in general. However, there’s something more sinister to this Pokemon than meets the eye. Litwicks burn their fuel off the life energy of those around them and to make matters worse, they pretend to be guides and actively mislead travelers to their inevitable doom (and a lovely snack). As a Lampent, the Pokemon lingers around hospitals to take the souls of those in the morgue right when they’re about to die, lovely sight to see in your last moments of life. Finally, as a Chandelure, if you are hypnotized into getting burned by his flame, don’t just expect to burn to death, expect your very soul to be burned. The poor souls burned by this infernal flame become wandering spirits forever, making this Pokemon more than just a fire hazard to his trainer.


2. Just Another Building in Kalos

Pokemon lost hotel

In Kalos, look in a certain building in a certain city. I won’t spoil it, but we do have ghost stories, just not on that letdown of a Nature Trail by Lavarre City or the Lost Hotel. No explanation is ever given for this ghost story, even after the Elite Four. Perhaps no explanation ever will be given, not even in the inevitable Pokemon Z Version.


1. Ruins of Alph

I’d say the Ruins of Alph music is possibly even creepier than Lavender Town. Why? You go Lavender Town and you already expect ghosts, unsettling music, and possessed Channelers so what? Now you go to these Ruins and you hear this very unsettling music and this foreboding aura around these otherwise useless Unown. The music grows and grows to a climax of you wanting to mute your Game Boy. It’s most creepy in the original GB chiptunes, so hear it there. Finally, if the music hasn’t gotten to you, ye brave soul, and you’re in bold pursuit of a complete Unown collection, put on the radio. Go ahead, try tuning to the Pokemon March. Oh? What’s this station? Not like any other. Just hearing this strange assembly of bleeps as a kid after sitting through that eerie composition is enough to run back to Goldenrod. Forget all that noise about MissingNo, Cubone’s mother, or Clefable’s shadows the Unown overmind will take you.

And that’s five Pokemon ghost stories that don’t get enough credit. Too bad Hoenn didn’t really have a good haunted house and Sinnoh is just swimming with haunted areas. Join me next time when I catch a Sepultura.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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