Review: Superior Spider-Man #20

Many of you may be asking, “Why are you reviewing another issue of Spider-Man so quickly right after reviewing three in a single clip just a few weeks ago? It’s Halloween! Dhow us something scary!” Well my friends, it doesn’t get much scarier than watching your favorite hero die all over again.

Well, the reason is simple dear readers: I have been waiting for this particular issue for several months. Superior Spider-Man issue 20’s cover was leaked several months ago. It gained the attention of many Spidey fans and gave us new hope for the coming downfall of Otto Octavius. This cover art stood as a shining beacon of hope for those of us waiting for the return of Peter Parker.

superior 20

This issue, is the return of the BLACK CAT!

I can easily say, that this is the most anticipated book of the year for me, simply due to the return of Black Cat. The last time us Spidey fans saw this feline vixen was during the Spidey-Daredevil team-up back in the AMAZING Spider-Man book. In that storyline, it was shown that Black Cat almost officially broke up with the Spider and began a relationship exclusively with Daredevil.

Whether this relationship was genuine or was meant solely to spite Spider-Man remains unknown (or perhaps written in the pages of Daredevil, which I haven’t read). What IS known however, is that the two have not seen one another since before the birth of the Superior Spider-Man. What is Cat’s reaction to the new spider? She’s not a fan, to say the least.

This issue is quite fast paced, yet it keeps the action to a minimum as it is mostly made to set up the events for upcoming and previous story arcs. The first time we see Black Cat, she is up to her old tricks and getting into trouble with her old routine of petty theft. Spidey comes down and puts a stop to it. A HARD stop to it.

black cat

With this action Felicia has set her sights on the Spider and has every intention of tearing him down a peg or five, and if nothing else, she’ll want to take a few teeth of his as payback.

After this, the rest of the issue remains very fast paced and almost completely action free. Spidey has a date with his girlfriend, while MJ attempts to ask out a fireman who saved her when her club went up in smoke.

Carlie Cooper has finished her investigation into the web-head, as she now has more than enough evidence to bring to the Avengers, whom she hopes will perform their OWN investigation into Spider-Man’s behavior, inevitably exposing Octavius for the fraud he truly is.

carlie cooper

And while all of this is happening, Otto is presenting his thesis for his Doctorate. If Otto nails this presentation, he will become DR. Peter Parker. However, a snag appears when one of the professor’s recognizes Peter’s work as a complete forgery. He recognizes the formulas and basic principles as being fundamental points in the work of Dr. Otto Octavius. While he had recognized the work correctly, he is completely unaware that his fellow colleagues mind stands across from him in the body of Peter Parker. Will Otto get his degree and avoid expulsion? What is Carlie going to tell the Avengers? What sick torture does the Black Cat have in store for the Spider? WE WANT TO KNOW ALREADY!

superior spiderman fraud

This issue is strong in its pace and in its ability to set up the upcoming stories very well, setting the playing field, per se. My only complaint with the book is its abruptness. It seems that Dan Slott took this issue and made it into a good starting point for new readers. But for the old readers, the action just seems to completely stop when compared to our previous story arc of insane time travel.

I am honestly looking forward to the upcoming stories, but I cannot honestly say this book lived up to my expectations. I was hoping for Black Cat to join Carlie, or at the very least have a decent fight with the Spider, not get tied to a wall in two pages. Either way, I’ll still be reading this title for some time, I just hope Dan Slott has some GOOD plans for Felicia Hardy.


-The story setups come fast and furious

-Black Cat is back

-return of an old villain for Otto

-Avengers are about to start a Spider shit storm



-Black Cat gets punked pretty badly

-action comes to a halt for this issue

Rating: 3/5


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