First Piece of Muramasa Rebirth DLC Coming November 7th

When Muramasa Rebirth was first announced, developers Vanillaware and publisher Marvelous AQL announced four new characters that would be available as DLC. A few months after the release of the game, the first DLC character will finally be released on November 7th in Japan. North American publisher Aksys Games announced that they will be bringing this piece of DLC in early 2014.

The DLC is titled “Fishy Tale of the Nekomata” and features a cat youkai (ghost) named Okoi and her brother Miike, a tortoiseshell cat. The plot of this DLC involves Okoi taking a prized tea set to the shogun in Edo. However, Okoi’s family’s chief retainer attempts to take the tea set away from them.


Other features include:

  • New Weaponry – Unlike Kisuke or Momohime, who use the powerful demon blades to rain death and destruction down on their enemies, Okoi uses her razor-sharp claws as well as a myriad of special powers to claim victory in battle. And by fusing with her companion Miike (mee-ke), she can transform herself in to a truly formidable foe.
  • Enhance Okoi’s Abilities – As Okoi primarily uses her claws to attack her foes, the “Forging” mechanic has been replaced by a skill tree that will allow you to improve and strengthen her various abilities.
  • Meet New Characters and Fight New Bosses – A host of new characters, enemies, and final bosses are present in Okoi’s adventure, as well as her feline compatriot, Miike. The “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata” DLC is chock-full of new foes and evil fiends, all inspired by traditional Japanese folklore!
  • Go Paw-to-Toe with all of the Bosses – Once players have completed “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata,” they can take on all the boss characters in the main Muramasa Rebirth storylines! Test Okoi’s prowess against the toughest foes in the game!

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