League of Legends Introduces Popstar Ahri Skin (Girls’ Generation Ahri)


Riot Games, creators of the popular MOBA League of Legends, today revealed a new skin for their popular Nine-tailed fox character Ahri titled “Popstar Ahri,” which is based on the popular South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD). Her outfit, dance, and recall animations bear similarity to their 2009 single “Genie.”



What is also worth mentioning is the skin was announced the day Girls’ Generation latest Japanese single “My Oh My” was released as well as in the wake of their recent win for “Video of the Year” at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards. They beat the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber,  and Lady Gaga with their video “I Got A Boy” (check out our review here). Despite the rude reaction of the crowd (awkward silence) to their win, it was a well deserved victory which hopefully makes more people aware that there’s great music outside of the good ole U.S.A. (Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Girls’ Generation, but I grow tired of the petulant childish attitudes of many Americans.) However, I digress. Check out “My Oh My” and “I Got a Boy” below.

And for those avid Ahri or Girls’ Generation fans, try not to die of anticipation while waiting for the release of the newest skin.

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