Review: One Piece Season Five Voyage Three

The CP9 Arc is my favorite portion of One Piece. So far, I’ve loved Funimation’s work on this section of the series, and thus went in with high hopes for One Piece Season Five Voyage Three, the next DVD set that includes episodes 288 through 299. Were my expectations met once again?

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Season Five Voyage Three picks up as the Straw Hat Pirates battle CP9 within the Tower of Justice on Enies Lobby. The battles between the Six Power wielding government agents and Luffy’s crew heats up, forcing the crew members to develop new attacks or tap into reserves they’d saved for dire situations. Can the Straw Hats save Robin in time?

I really need to begin my analysis of these DVDs with just one word: wow. Everything from the animation to the plot to the voice acting are top notch. The powers displayed by all the characters are wildly creative and the fights are especially fun to watch. I’ve mentioned that I love this arc, and I’m glad Funimation is doing such great justice to the original source material through their dubbing of the series. Everything about One Piece continues to improve with each additional release.

Kaku uses his giraffe powers against Zoro in one of the most epic fights in anime.

Kaku uses his giraffe powers against Zoro in one of the most epic fights in anime.

Honestly, I can’t find anything to complain about for Season Five Voyage Three. Even the filler episodes, of which there are two, are rather enjoyable and made me laugh a couple of times. This is seriously a DVD set worth picking up if you’re a fan of the series, especially if you particular enjoy the CP9 arc.


-amazing story arc

-great voice acting

-exciting action with creative abilities revealed



Rating: 5/5


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