Review: Deadpool #19

Deadpool is not a character known for drama and invoking emotional distress. Deadpool, a.k.a. the Crimson Comedian, is best known for being a mercenary goofball. But some writers enjoy delving into the dark past and psychological pain that the character has endured throughout his lifetime. Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have REVELED in Wade’s emotional trauma for four gut-wrenching issues, dragging the reader’s hearts through the mud. Now, for the climactic finale to this story arc, Posehn and Duggan decide to twist the knife just THAT much more as they give us Deadpool #19.

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Over the past four issues, Wade has been battered, bruised, tortured, imprisoned, and caused a P.O.W. revolution, all ending with the realization that the mother of his still unknown child has been dead for some time, killed and buried in a ditch in a North Korean prisoner camp.


With practically nothing left to lose, Wade is let off the leash by Captain America, alongside Wolverine, in order to find Butler, the man who has been plundering organs from Deadpool for years, as well as the man who murdered his baby-mama. Deadpool approaches Butler, examining the situation carefully before acting, something Wade has never been known for doing. As opposed to going in guns blazing, Wade engages in a long dialogue with Butler, scrounging every ounce of information he could from the man about his past.

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This revealed a great deal about the truth of Deadpool’s life. Over the years, and between the many different writers he has been exposed to, Wade’s past has become something of a convoluted mess. It has gotten to the point where fans aren’t even sure of Wade’s country of origin: Canada or America. And as opposed to answering theses long debated questions with definitive answers, it is revealed that Wade’s mind had been polluted with the drug Tabula Rasa, a fictional drug of the Marvel Universe that can wipe somebody’s short-term memory but has the side affect of corrupting one’s long-term memory. An ingenious move to explain his convoluted history, without angering the fan base.

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After receiving help from Butler’s supposed sister, Wade is given entrance to Butler’s panic room, where he exacts his final revenge on the man who killed his family. Wade finally cut the puppeteer’s strings and choked him with them.

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With Butler dead, and the P.O.W.’s freed, Deadpool and Wolverine rig the compound to blow and leave the North Korean army to sort out the mess. Wade parts ways with Captain America and Wolverine, the two now having gained a profound sense respect and camaraderie with Deadpool. Captain America even goes as far as to directly call him a friend, something Steve wouldn’t have been caught DEAD saying at the beginning of this comic’s run.

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Between the spectacular writing of Duggan and Posehn, and the gritty and dark artwork of Declan Shalvey, we as the reader are treated to a very uncommon Deadpool story. I can honestly say that I cried several times throughout this story arc. It honestly knew how to grip the reader and truly invest them into Wade’s character, and how his life had been ruined and taken completely out of his own control. I love this book, and I honestly cannot wait to see what this team has in store for us in the coming issues!


-An amazing ending to an even better storyline

-Answers to Wade’s life without unnecessary retcons

-Amazingly dark and gritty artwork

-A dark and serious tone, well suited to this story


-We still don’t know what fate befell upon Wade’s daughter.

Rating: 5/5


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