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Silverwolf: Hello everyone! Silverwolf here with fellow comic fan ArcGunner to discuss the upcoming wave of Marvel relaunches and new series known as All-New Marvel NOW! Let’s first talk about what we’re excited for. Arc, are there any series in particular you’re looking forward to from Marvel in 2014?

ArcGunner: Honestly, I am very much looking forward to Ghost Rider, New Warriors, and The Punisher, but that’s as far as the NEW titles go. The main reason I’m looking forward to New Warriors is because I am a VERY big fan of the current Scarlet Spider series. It’s an AMAZING title and I’m very sad to see it go. Kaine is a worthwhile character and I hope to see more of him, preferably kicking the crap out of Octopeter.

Silverwolf: Haha well, we’ll see what happens next for him after his self-titled series ends. Personally, I’m most excited for All-New Invaders. I love Captain America, I love James Robinson, and I love Steve Pugh, so putting those three together is sure to be a smash hit! Furthermore, I’m pretty interested in the next incarnation of X-Force. I’ve always wanted to get into an X-Force title, so now will be the perfect time for me to try it out.
X-Force All-New Marvel NOW!

ArcGunner: I tried to read both of this years MARVEL NOW! X-Force titles, both lost my interest after the first story arc and, honestly, I like the idea of merging the two books as opposed to canceling them outright. They can still tell the stories they want to it merges two reader bases who HAVE stuck with the books and it welcomes newer readers like me to jump back on.

Silverwolf: Most definitely, I think it’s a smart plan. I also think it’s cool that they’re bringing back Marrow. I’ve always liked her power set, but never knew much about her.

ArcGunner: Marrow?

Silverwolf: Yeah, the new X-Force is going to have 5 core members: Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, Marrow, and a new character name MeMe. Marrow is a mutant who has control over her bones: she can basically grow bony protrusions to use as weapons or for defense. I think it’s a weird, but interesting, power.

ArcGunner: So like Spike from the X-Men Evolution animated series?

Silverwolf: Similar I suppose, but I think she’s an older character.

ArcGunner: Though this new team dynamic will be something to get used to, as Psylocke and Cable were the leaders of both their respective X-Force groups. Also, which Fantomex: the female, or the male one?

Silverwolf: I think it’s the male one. I haven’t been reading Uncanny X-Force, so I don’t know much about his triple body split up, but I’m pretty sure it’s the original male Fatomex in the new X-Force.

ArcGunner: All right, just checking, cause I did read the original Uncanny X-force, and it was something of an important detail. Either way, X-Force is definitely something I’ll be picking up. But something that I am NOT happy about in regards to ALL NEW Marvel NOW! is their choice to cancel Wolverine and the X-Men. 

Silverwolf: I’m with you there, buddy. Even if I only read the series in trade, I still really enjoyed the whole school dynamic. I think it has to do with the new paradigm they’re giving Wolverine, including the decision to give him a gun. It makes me especially since, said the writer, Paul Cornell, was one of my favorite comic scribes.

All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine

Yes, Wolverine has a gun. Welcome back to the 90s!

ArcGunner: Why is that exactly?

Silverwolf: Well, Wolverine lost his healing factor in his solo title, and now he’s apparently allying with criminals to get it back. Since he lost his healing factor, he can’t fight in his berserker style anymore.

ArcGunner: I almost EXCLUSIVELY read Wolverine and the X-Men, excluding the All New X-Men which I have as of now dropped. I noticed he had lost his healing when I was reading the recent Deadpool story arc, he was shot and had to get bandaged up. Not exactly dignified to have Wade last longer in a fight than Logan. And yes, I totally agree with you that the school dynamic is what made that book SO MUCH FUN. Thankfully though, I believe that our bases are covered with the release of Amazing X-Men. It seems like it will focus on Firestar being a teacher at the Jean Grey School and Nightcrawler coming back to life, also likely becoming a teacher.

Silverwolf: Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see. The first issue blew me away, definitely one of the best X-Men comics published in recent memory.

ArcGunner: Certainly better than All New X-Men.

Silverwolf: Are there any other cancellations or upcoming changes you aren’t fond of?

ArcGunner: While I am happy with the sendoff they gave him, I was not happy with the recent cancellation of the Flash Thompson ongoing Venom title. Aside from that, I honestly have no complaints, only concerns going forward. Yourself?

Silverwolf: Well, even though I wasn’t reading it, I’m a little sad to hear Young Avengers is ending. I’d heard good things about the title but, based on what I’ve heard, this is writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie choosing to end the series, rather than Marvel cancelling it. I guess this is good since they are able to wrap up the story they wanted to tell, but it’s still a shame that an acclaimed run with so many fans only lasted a little over a year.


ArcGunner: Perhaps. Like you, I wasn’t reading this series either, and honestly had no interest in it, but it is sad to see good books fade away.

Silverwolf: Yeah. Ultimately, though, I think there are more good eggs than bad ones coming up for Marvel in 2014. I’ll definitely be excited to see what other developments come to the fore as we transition into 2014. Any closing thoughts?

ArcGunner: Just concerns, as I said, a lot of buzz has been going around about Guardians of the Galaxy coming to the forefront solely to help boost interest in the movie, as well as that new Ms. Marvel title. Guardians never interested me a whole lot, aside from Rocket Raccoon. And Ms. Marvel…just the name is whats pissing em off about the book. Honestly, they are broadcasting this as a HUGE Muslim superhero book. Why not use an established Muslim character like Dust, or at LEAST come up with a more original name than recycling Ms. Marvel? Seriously, Carol Danvers has been Captain Marvel for just a little over a year now, there’s no need to take her name. But that’s just me ranting.

Silverwolf: Honestly, I’ve got a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to the new Ms. Marvel. I think, if handled properly, it can be a great thing. I don’t plan to read it, but I’ll keep an open mind. Anyway MoarPowah fans, that’s it for this week! Come back again soon for another awesome roundtable!

Note: This roundtable occurred before the announcement of the new Moon Knight series. Silverwolf is excited for that one too!

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