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Hello everyone! Silverwolf here with another great edition of Give It a Shot! I’m here this week to talk about a webcomic known as Imogen Quest. Now, anyone who follows my articles knows I’m a big comic book fan, but I’ve come pretty late to the webcomic game; sure, I’ve read a few friends have suggested here and there, but few have really captured my interest for an extended period of time. Imogen Quest, however, is vastly different.

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I only heard about Imogen Quest a few weeks ago, but have already devoured the majority of its extensive archive. What makes this webcomic so entertaining? Like most webcomics, Imogen Quest focuses on humor, with a great emphasis placed upon the funnier aspects of modern life. The best part, however, is all the clever historical and academic references, especially in regards to mathematics. As someone who studied mathematics for some time, I really appreciate the kind of high-level humor in some of the strips.

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Even if math isn’t your thing, don’t fret! Imogen Quest discusses numerous subjects from classic literature to films. Writer Olivia Walch has a wide range of interests and knowledge, and it’s evident from these strips that her passion for these subjects equals or even exceeds her humor. The series is updated fairly regularly, too, so it’s easy to get your fix without the long wait time associated with some webcomics.

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So what are you waiting for? Go out and give Imogen Quest a shot!

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