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It’s been quite a few months since I checked out the first volume of The Dark Hunters Infinity, a manga series based on the novels of Sherrilyn Kenyon. This second volume focuses on the continuing adventures of fourteen year old Nick Gautier, a poor, average boy marked for a great destiny. But with vile demons on the prowl and a villainous new coach at his school, Nick’s going to have trouble just surviving! How does this volume rate? Read on to find out!

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Dark Hunters Infinity Volume 2

Nick Gautier just survived a zombie outbreak, but his life just keeps getting crazier. Now employed by Kyrian Hunter, the lad falls into a world of occult mystery. Though he’s learned some new skills thanks to a mystical training partner, he still has a lot to learn if he hopes to remain alive. Nick faces trouble on a daily basis as his relationships are tested: who can he trust? Who are his true friends, and who are merely enemies seeking to lead him down a path of desolation?

Sherrilyon Kenyon’s writing is quite good overall. Nick Gautier actually talks and thinks like a young teenage boy, something that other writers often struggle with. Some of the side characters are also rather interesting, and I liked that we learned more about some of their pasts and motivations. Furthermore, artist Jiyoung Ahn has great skill drawing the varied cast of characters. Ahn is adept at drawing everything from people to demon to weaponry, and brings a manga-esque flair to this story. I’m also a big fan of the fact thaty this story is set in New Orleans, a location ripe for a supernatural tale.

I really liked The Dark Hunters Infinity Volume 2…is what I’d say if not for the second half of the graphic novel. Regrettably, I feel the latter portion of the story really brought down the quality of the manga overall. As much as the first half drew me into the story, the second half almost completely lost me. The plot moves way too quickly, making relevant scenes very short. The pacing is choppy as a result, and several new characters are introduced without much development. The ending also feels rather rushed, and the final villain is defeated in an interesting manner, yet it feels almost too simple of a solution.

Ultimately, The Dark Hunters Infinity Volume 2 failed to live up to my expectations given the first volume. I still enjoyed the story, but feel it’s a lot weaker than it could have been. If you enjoyed the first volume, I still think you’ll like this one, though probably not as much. Still, fans of supernatural stories with a strong human element should check this series out.


-interesting characters in a creative setting

-excellent art

-great development of character back stories and world-building


-second half of the volume feels rushed and disjointed

-certain characters feel out of place

-abrupt, hasty conclusion

Rating: 3.5/5


Brett Seth Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. His favorite Cajun is still Remy LeBeau.

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