Review: Deadpool #20

As much as I will praise “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” there was one issue with it: it has left Wade an utterly broken man. Even the chibi-pool of the Deadpool recap page is feeling this depression as he states he isn’t up for another issue just yet. So instead of continuing forward, writer Gerry Duggan has decided instead to print an “unpublished back-issue” of Deadpool from the 60’s. This allows for a very tongue-in-cheek story that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s more or less a palette cleanser for us fans before we return to “reality.” This is Deadpool #20.

deadpool 20

Our issue begins with Cable and Deadpool emerging from a time slide and appearing in 1960’s Wakanda. Wade tells Cable that they should take a vacation together, which Cable refuses, leaving Wade stranded in this time. Unfettered, Wade decides to go ahead with his vacation plans and walks up to the Wakandans and is welcomed as a guest. After obviously jinxing his vacation, he is beset by multiple enemies, and engages in a 2 page spread montage of battle.

deadpool and cabledeadpool 20

The fight is finally broken up as a meteor lands near the Vibranium mound of Wakanda, prompting Deadpool to investigate. As he approaches the crash site, he finds a cosmic puzzle piece, which in turn summons the Watcher Uatu to Wade, in order to provide exposition regarding the puzzle piece.

deadpool 20-1

It turns out that this is actually one of four pieces that must be assembled by Wade in order to save the universe…or something… And so Wade begins his quest to assemble the pieces. Once the pieces are assembled, they activate and…give birth to a 4th wall breaking Star baby? And then suddenly ODIN! Who proceeds to use the Star baby’s turd to power Asgard…

deadpool 20-2

Yeah…honestly, this issue lost me with its plot after they explained the puzzle pieces. This issue is without a doubt FUN, but weird…and considering this is a DEADPOOL comic, that is saying something. The artwork, and art style used on every page of this book make it look like it was printed back in the 1960’s as with Deadpool’s previous throwback issues. The art is clean, and even features some very welcome throwback effects, such as the Kirby crackle. Sadly, the art and style is all this book has for it.

While the story makes sense in its own right…as you read it on your own, it is so foreign from modern comic story standards that it just seems much too weird for even this reviewer. It was obvious that this palette cleanser issue was designed to get a few chuckles out of the reader and help them cope with the previous issues; however, it seems they may have jumped the shark with this issue. I have honestly enjoyed both throwback issues before this, but this one is a bit much for me.


-Deadpool insanity dialed to 11!

-A neat palette cleanser after a heart wrenching story arc

-Fun Kirby-esque art style


-The story is much too crazy to really understand

-Characters are introduced that seem unimportant

-I don’t see how future issues will incorporate parts of this issue into stories.

Rating: 3.5/5


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