Mecha Monday 3/3: Japan’s Representatives Chosen for GunPla Builder’s World Cup 2013


On Sunday, November 24th, 10-year-old Mei was selected to be Japan’s junior division representative for the GunPla Builder’s World Cup 2013. Mei used Geara Doga, Jegan, and Nu Gundam models to create her entry, “Hito no Kokoro no Hikari” (Light of a Person’s Heart). The GunPla junior division pits kids under the age of 14 from countries across the world to create the most impressive Gundam model.


42-year-old Shunpei Yamauchi was selected to be Japan’s standard division representative for his entry “Uchū Seiki Saikyō no Kitai” (Universal Century’s Strongest Machine). Shunpei’s Nu Gundam is almost as detailed as the one that recently sold for $10,000, but nonetheless it is still an impressive model. Both Mei and Shunpei will go the world tournament that takes place in Tokyo’s Odaiba in “Gundam Front Tokyo” on December 22nd.


The North American standard division representative is Kevin Yi Zhang from Connecticut. His model is “Legendary Mobile Suit PWS-02”, which uses the MG Blitz Gundam as the base for his creation.


[via: ANN]

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