Review: Amazing Spider-Man 700.3

For about a year now, we have been subjected to the many idiocies of Doctor Otto Octavius as he parades around in the skin of our favorite wall crawler. If you’re like me, you have probably grown tired of this and are now forced to patiently wait until Peter is returned to his rightful place of power. THANKFULLY, Marvel has decided to provide us with an interesting substitute, until such a time as Peter is given back control of his body.

For a while now, Marvel has been producing .1 issues, stating that they are made as jumping on points to for new readers to begin reading a title. But instead of making a jumping on point, Marvel appears to have made Spider-man #700. into its own on-going series! Today, we are here to talk about Spider-Man #700.3

Amazing spider-man 700.3 cover

Last week, Marvel published issue 700.1 and concluded it story this week in 700.2. I found it surprising that they decided to publish a second issue in the same week, but this decision may have been for the better.

This issue starts off hot as the AMAZING Spider-Man takes on the villain Firebrand. Firebrand, as you can guess, is a flame based super villain and he proves his sheer level of power as he literally melts the skin from Spider-Man’s flesh.

Amazing spider-man 700.3-1

Soon after the pair lose consciousness from their battle, they are found by an emergency medical team who rush the pair to a hospital for immediate treatment. It appears that the EMTs and the physicians in this hospital are quite accustomed to receiving super powered and even super villainous patients.

The surgeon general of the hospital is assigned to treat Spider-Man’s burns, completely unaware that he is treating the wall crawler. The next day, still in recovery from his injuries, Peter awakens to find himself in a hospital room, completely unaware of what had transpired.

Amazing spider-man 700.3-2

When awoken he is met by a nurse as well as the surgeon who had operated on him. They explain to him that he is in capable hands and will heal up within days. They even provide him a wheelchair so that he isn’t confined to his recovery room.

As he moves about the hospital, he meets several other patients, and overhears some very strange conversations. They appear to be watching a news story about a fight between the Rhino (a Spider-Man villain) and the Thing of the Fantastic Four. They seemed to sympathize with the Rhino, which Peter finds quite strange. What’s even stranger is when another patient joins their group, showing off a package he had just received.

Amazing spider-man 700.3-3

It turns out that each of the patients at this hospital are actually injured super-villains, and this hospital treats them after they are beaten down by the heroes. This is made abundantly clear when the Shocker (another Spider-Man villain) shows off his newest mask.

Peter knows that spending anymore time at this hospital is a bad idea, but he has no choice, as he is still severely injured from his fight with Firebrand.

Speaking of which, it appears Firebrand had just woken up and tells the nurse about who was fighting against him before he came to the hospital. The nurse puts two and two together and warns the surgeon general, who has already discerned the mystery patients identity by analyzing his wrist cuffs (web shooters).

Amazing spider-man 700.3-4

What will Spider-Man do? How does he make it out of the hospital alive, and if he does, does he stop them from healing the sick, even if they are super-villains? These are questions that make for a great weekly story, and I am truly happy that this book was printed.

This story takes place before the events of last year’s issue 700, but it is still vague enough in its time frame to not be quite as dated as the story arc from issues 700.1 and .2. Those issues had to have taken place during Peter’s time working for the Daily Bugle, which at this point was a VERY long time ago.

The artwork is detailed, yet does not suffer from looking overdone, and the story appears solid thus far. I hope this series continues as a regular on-going, as it helps satiate our collective hunger for a good Peter Parker story, until he returns in earnest.



-dark and detailed gritty artwork

-A return to the life and times of Peter Parker


-None to speak of as of yet, though it is only the start of this arc.

Rating: 4/5


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