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Injustice Year Two #1

I vastly prefer print comics to their digital counterparts, electing to only purchase non-physical copies under two circumstances: 1. They’re vastly cheaper or 2. It’s the Injustice series by Tom Taylor et al. Last year, the best-selling fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us made a splash in the console market, while meanwhile an amazing comic adapting a prequel story released each week online. Though I joined the party after four issues were out, I immediately became a rapid fan and devoured each new issue as each week wore on. Again and again, the creative team found new ways to build this amazing Elseworld’s mythology.

And then the series was renewed for a new story line this year. And there was much rejoicing. Let’s take a look at Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #1. 

Note: There will be spoilers from the first Injustice series. You should really read it before continuing. You were warned.

The story, titled “Third Wheel,” follows a night on the town featuring Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Dinah Lance (Black Canary), and my favorite DC hero: Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow. After saving the world, the trio decides to have a quiet drink in a local bar, before a group of biker thugs bothers Dinah and meets with a wild beat-down. The story then flashes back to the present, where we join Dinah, Hal, and others at Ollie’s funeral (for those that don’t remember, Superman killed him towards the end of the first series, as Ollie made a heroic sacrifice to steal a super-pill from the Fortress of Solitude). What awaits the world now that the heroes have gone their separate ways in the face of a new regime?

As with every issue of the previous series, Injustce: Gods Among Us Year Two #1 blew me away. Tom Taylor writes one of the best depictions of both Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance I’ve ever read; hell, I almost feel like the man should write an Injustice prequel comic about their adventures in this universe. I dearly love the way Taylor writes the interactions among these characters; they all talk and act like normal people, while maintaining their superheroic qualities. I like that Hal seems to have a bigger role in the coming issues, since I felt he was the only core Justice League member who didn’t get much development in the previous installment (not that I blame Taylor, who juggled a cast of over three dozen characters in only 37 issues).

Dinah, Ollie, and Hal: the original terrific trio.

Dinah, Ollie, and Hal: the original terrific trio.

The art of Year Two #1 is similarly great. Bruno Redondo’s linework is stunning, giving a special flair to these characters who hold over half a century of history. Colorist David Lopez does some amazing work, too, strengthening Redondo’s scenes with assistance from inker Julien Hugonnard-Bert. Letterer Wes Abbott cannot be overlooked, either, as his work is solid and helps succeed in the digital arena where I feel, sadly, some letterers fall short.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two is poised to equal if not exceed the first year. I loved every page and am glad this series is back. I’ve already subscribed on Comixology, and eagerly await the next chapter. If you liked the first series, you’ll love this continuation. If you didn’t read the first series, you owe it to yourself to check it out (it’s in print as well, if that’s your preferred medium). Honestly, I cannot complain even a bit about this wonderful comic!


-excellent writing, especially the characterization

-amazing artwork from the entire art team

-exciting set-up for the coming story


-None whatsoever

Rating: 5/5


Brett Simon is a twenty-four year old comic enthusiast. He’s glad Green Arrow proved you can weaponize a peanut.

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