Famous One Piece Scene “Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms” Recreated in Stop Motion

Courtesy of cosplayer Amie Lynn’s Facebook page, I stumbled upon a video that brought me down memory lane and caused me to swell with feels. Take a look at what some brilliant animators created with Banpresto’s “One Piece Cry heart ~Fuyujima ni Furu Sakura~”(One Piece Cry heart ~The Cherry Blossoms That Fall on Winter Island~) line of crane game prize figures: a five-minute stop motion short featuring the famous One Piece scene “Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms.”

For those unfamiliar with One Piece, this scene depicts Tony Tony Chopper searching for a Amiudake mushroom that he believes can cure his surrogate father Hiluluk’s disease. However, Chopper does not know the mushroom is poisonous, and even though Hiluluk knows it is lethal, he takes it out of gratitude for his son’s show of concern.

I think the top comment on Amie’s post sums it up pretty well:


Also, courtesy of ANN, I discovered a little something about the “Cry heart” figure line. These figures are deliberately designed to encourage people to create their own stop-motion shorts. The figures come with multiple faces and flexible joints, and fans can use them to create animation with smartphone apps or other means. The first set of the figures will arrive in Japan in the second week of March, and the second set will arrive in the third week.

If you’re not drowning in a puddle of tears still, you might want to check out some other stop motion vids or our review of the recently released One Piece: Strong World movie.

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