Skittles Endorses Marshawn Lynch


So much for Skittles getting free publicity from Marshawn Lynch. Today, the candy brand announced a formal deal with the star running back. While the details of the deal are unknown, Lynch will be receiving financial compensation. This is the first time the candy brand has paid an athlete. Additionally, Skittles will also donate $10,000 to Lynch’s Fam First Foundation for every touchdown he scores in Sunday’s Super Bowl.


To celebrate the partnership, Skittles has made limited edition packages of a “Seattle Mix,” which only includes blue and green colors. However, these will not be sold in stores. The only way to acquire one of these limited packages is to bid on them in an online auction starting Wednesday. Skittles also will be auctioning off a Skittles-covered football helmet and football, and a Skittles-covered megaphone to honor Seattle’s 12th man.

Lynch’s connection with Skittles became a national phenomenon back on December 1, 2011 in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles when cameras caught him eating the candy on the sideline (video below). Ever since then, Seahawks fans have been giving Lynch “rainbow showers” when he scores touchdowns.

Local food vendors have also tried cashing in. Delaware North, the food vendor at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, recently began selling the “Beast Mode” burger, which includes a side of Skittles. A butcher in Puyallup, Wash., located 30 miles south of Seattle, began selling hot sausage links with Skittles inside.


The deal couldn’t have come at a better time as media monitoring company Kantar Media estimated that Lynch’s presence in the Super Bowl could be worth as much as $5 million to Skittles.

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