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In the ani-blogging world, there exists certain posts which are meant to encourage multiple blogs to participate. In other words, a circle jerk. (I say that in a completely non-derogatory way. Seriously.) Enter the ABC Award.

For me, these kinds of posts are interesting since I’m not overly engaged with the ani-blogging community for a variety of reasons (although I’m familiar with many blogs); I suppose the main reason is I find the community too big and thus it can be time consuming getting to know so many people. So naturally, this type of post is something that lets me connect and meet new ani-bloggers while getting to know ones I already have a friendship with.

I have to thank Overlord-G (and later Justin) for nominating me for this award. Here are the rules:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.

2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award. (Not doing this.)

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Simple enough. For disclosure, all these answers will be my own. Some of my writers might do their own down the road, but I highly doubt it (lazy ass writers!). Let’s begin.

A: Alabama. I grew up in this backwater state. But nonetheless, I have some good memories and still keep in touch with some people I met there. Living there also made me a huge college football fan (Roll Tide!).

B: Batman. My favorite superhero. And Boba Fett. The first person who I identified as a “badass.”

Artist: adonihs

Art by adonihs

C: Catwoman. I love her. A lot. Which is why it pains me that her current comic sucks so bad. Fuck you Ann Nocenti. Fuck you.

Art by KYMG. You might know him from his work on No More Heroes or Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Art by KYMG. You might know him from his work on No More Heroes or Fire Emblem: Awakening. He also did an AMA a while back.

D: Darksiders. One of the more recent video game series that I came to really enjoy. It sucked that THQ went under and Vigil Games was not bought in the subsequent auction. But I have faith Nordic Games will make a third game.

E: Eternal (ship). The name of the fucking pink ship in one of the worst Gundam shows created: Gundam Seed (and Seed Destiny). So now you know how much I hate Seed.

It's only natural a pink haired girl has a pink ship.

It’s only natural a pink haired girl has a pink ship.

F: Final Fantasy. The series which solidified my love for RPG’s. IX is the best. II and XIII are the worst. VII is overrated. III and VIII are underrated. I, X, and XII are ok. IV, V, and VI are just below IX. So in my book: IX > VI > IV > V > VIII > VII > X > XII > III > I > XIII > II.

G: Gundam. My favorite series. Gundam was the gateway that introduced me to the world of anime. We did a “Gundam Week” a while back. You also might want to take a look at some of my thoughts on the various ideologies throughout the numerous Gundam universes.


H: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. I used the English name since I already had something planned for “K.” Seriously, this show is great. It’s a very misunderstood one to say the least, and it took a second watch for me to really grasp its greatness. Either you love it (admittedly, some fans of this show love it for the wrong reasons) or you hate it. The amazing writing that went into this show is what really won me over. I mean, how the hell do you cram roughly 2k pages into one season without making it a total train wreck? How? You should read FlavoryFantasy’s comment here and check out the Horizon Infodump tumblr. It might open your eyes.


I: Interesting. I say this a lot. And I love studying up on anything that I find interesting.

J: Japan. Cause anime.

K: Korean. I love K-pop. I love the food. I love the girls (although admittedly, when it comes to Asian girls, I’ve never dated a Korean). I love my culture. End. As a bonus, “Keikaku doori!”

L: Laughter. The best medicine.

M: Michael Jordan. The greatest basketball player ever. Sorry LeBron fans. For a bonus, Metroid, my favorite Nintendo series. And lastly, marketing. It’s what I do in life (currently).


N: New York City. The place where I live now. I greatly enjoy living in “The City That Never Sleeps.” I was born in the Bronx before moving to Bama, so this is my real home. I’m also a big Yankees and Giants fan. Not a Knicks fan. Fuck the Knicks.

O: Outgoing. Funny, I never used to be outgoing. I learned how to be outgoing when I came to college. I like making conversation. Problem?

P: Pessimistic. I’m a pessimist. Been one since I was a little kid. It’s also because I’m a realist. Take your dreams of rainbows and butterflies and everlasting happiness elsewhere. You’re making me sick.

Q: Quentin Tarantino. I couldn’t think of a word that started with a “Q” besides quiet (which I’m not), quaint (which I’m not), quirky (which I’m not), Quagsire (the Pokemon), or Quagmire (the dude from Family Guy). I also thought about Queen’s Blade, but decided against it. So Mr. Tarantino gets the nod. He’s a great director.

I thought about using this guy for "Q."

I thought about using this guy for “Q.”

R: Raison d’être. I’m constantly trying to figure that out.

S: Satou Shouji. One of the many artists I admire. He draws some sexy ladies. For those of you who don’t know, he illustrated Highschool of the Dead (anime review). And I’m currently reading his ongoing work, Triage X, which Yen Press is publishing. Also, Saeko Busujima is one of my waifus.


T: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. My single favorite anime series. Check out my April Fool’s list of “10 Reasons Why Gurren Lagann Sucked.”

Some sexy Yoko art.

Some sexy Yoko art.

U: Upfront. I’m very straightforward and blunt. I don’t mince words. That’s not to say I’m some sort of heartless bastard. Well, maybe just a little.

V: Vandal Savage. Vile. Vicious. Val Kilmer. All bad guys.


W: Water. The below Spongebob scene says it all. I still love Spongebob, hence why I remember all the funny stuff from the show. Bonus: wrestling. Real wrestling, not that WWE/WWF stuff (sorry G and Kai). I participated in high school. My brothers are State Champions (i.e. they’re pretty damn good).

X: X. Mega Man X. That series rocked (until 6). And X, the upcoming game by Monolith Soft. Can’t wait.

Y: Younha. My favorite K-pop singer.


I have a signed Younha CD.

Z: Zorro. The Mask of Zorro (the one with Antonio Banderas) is one of my favorite movies. Don’t know why. If I had to guess, I think this Roger Ebert quote is a part of the reason I love it so much: “It’s a reminder of the time when stunts and special effects were integrated into stories, rather than the other way around.” Oh, I also did some “analysis” on the Montero Mansion raid scene.

Well, that’s a wrap for my list. Hope you guys learned something new about me. Here are some other bloggers who have participated in this little event:

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  1. No prob dood. You said you used to wrestle in college so I can understand why you dislike sports entertainment.

    Spongebob was funny to me during the Derek Drymon era. When Vincent Waller took over, I didn’t laugh as much and still don’t. I still watch the show when it’s on TV regardless.

    I’m a fan of both old-school Zorro and both Antonio Banderas movies.

    X6 wasn’t bad. X7 is a cesspool of pain. X8’s okay. I haven’t played Command Mission. ZX and ZX Advent are pretty good.

    While Horizon 2 felt like a recycled first season, which I don’t mind because I loved the first season, I agree that the franchise is amazing. I REALLY hope a third season isn’t a pipe dream. I want to see Malga X Margot’s origin story.

    I still don’t like Gundam but I do watch other shows with mecha…like Horizon and Lagrange.

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