Artist Creates NFL x Star Wars Helmets

Tauntauns vs. Wattos

Tauntauns vs. Wattos

An artist by the name of John Raya from Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico posted some awesome crossover art of all 32 NFL teams’ helmets and Star Wars. Check them out below.

NFC East – I have to admit, as a Giants fan, I’m really digging that we’re the Walkers. And I can’t help but smile that the Redskins are the Gungans.

NFC North – Packers are the Hutts. Interesting.

NFC South – Falcons definitely got the coolest crossover.

NFC West – Seahawks fans might be miffed that they’re the Wattos, but seeing as they won the Super Bowl, I doubt they care.

AFC East – Dolphins are the Greedos. Han shot first!

AFC North – No wonder the Browns suck so bad. They’ve been Jawas all this time!

AFC South – I might have to switch over to being a Titans fan seeing as they’re the Mandalorians…

AFC West – Poor Chiefs. How’d they get stuck with being Ewoks?

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