Mecha Monday: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Returns

mobile-suit-gundam-side-story-missing-link-screenshotLast week, Famitsu magazine revealed that Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story would be returning. Albeit somewhat different. The difference? It’s no longer a first-person cockpit shooter.

The new Gundam Side Story is called Missing Link. The game is a third-person action shooter that will have land and space battles. You’ll get to pick between going with the Federation or Zeon, and the game will have different stories for both sides.

Many old mobile suits will be returning, and a few new ones will also debut. One of the new mobile suits is the RX-78XX Gundam Pixie. You can see some of the new suits in the pictures below.



As far as gameplay and combat goes, it will involve using groups of three units, which you can switch between while fighting. Fighting on land and outer-space will feel completely different from one another, but the controls will be the same. You can check out some of the space combat in the video below.

Missing Link is currently being developed for the PlayStation 3. No release date has been given. The original Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story, titled The Blue Destiny, was a trilogy released back on the Sega Saturn from 1996-1997. The next Gundam Side Story game was Rise from the Ashes on the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999.

[via: Siliconera]

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