Models, Cosplayers and Art Show-Off Sailor Moon Lingerie


Last December, Woman’s lingerie retailer Peach John revealed their line of Sailor Moon lingerie. The lingerie was recently released in late February, and some models and cosplayers have been showing them off.

Check out model Rei Yasui in the lingerie.

Cosplayer Itsuki Akira gets in on the action as well.

Unsurprisingly, artists have also drawn various pictures showing off the lingerie. Japanese artist matsuryu, who is most famous for creating the Queen’s Blade character Alleyne, tweeted a drawing of Sailor Venus wearing the lingerie shortly after it was announced.


Here’s another Sailor Venus by Cle Masahiro.


Alice Wishheart, the main character of the slot machine game Magical Halloween by Konami, is depicted wearing the lingerie by tokinon.


Suou Mikoto, a character from the popular manga and anime School Rumble, is drawn wearing the lingerie by cosaten.


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