Review: Captain Marvel #1

Carol Danvers has recently become one of the most recognizable superheroes in the Marvel Universe, alongside one of the most recognizable cosplay costumes at comic cons. Second only to the Deadpool Corps that flood convention halls, the Carol Corps is quickly growing. This may have had something to do with Ms. Marvel’s recent re-invention as the spectacular CAPTAIN MARVEL back in 2012.

I myself was one of the many readers who became enthralled in the Carol craze. Her book’s artwork was stylistic and her stories were touching. It was an amazing book…until they changed the artist. With the art switch from artist Dexter Soy to Filipe Andrade, the book suffered heavy losses in sales. I was one of the many people who dropped this book with the artist change, and while I have heard GREAT things about the book after that point, I could never get past the honestly atrocious artwork. Will Marvel repeat their mistake and allow a good book to die? Or is the ALL NEW Marvel NOW relaunch a chance for them to get a fresh start with everyone’s favorite superheroine? THIS is Captain Marvel #1!

capt. marvel 1 cover

Our issue begins on the surface of an alien world, one completely foreign to myself and most likely Captain Marvel as well. She as well as her apparent space crew all fan out to gather the supplies they require for their journey through the stars.

capt. marvel 1-1

After finding the equipment they were looking for, they have a run in with the local law enforcement, revealing that Captain Marvel and her crew are in fact wanted in this sector of space. They start a riot and attempt an escape…only to be interrupted by a flashback. We return to Earth where Iron Patriot and Captain Marvel are attempting to stop a piece of space debris from crashing into NYC. They soon find out however, that it is in fact an escape pod, and inside lay one of Carol’s future crew-mates.

capt. marvel 1-2

After rescuing the alien girl, we cut to Carol living in her humble abode…the crown of the Statue of Liberty! Here she resides with a young girl and her mother. These characters apparently appeared during the tail end of the previous Captain Marvel run, so while I am not familiar with them, I believe that aren’t just here randomly. Though Carol Danvers living in the Statue of Liberty? That’s a little random. Regardless, after sending the young girl to bed she is visited by Iron Man, who asks Carol to go out on patrol.

capt. marvel 1-3

It’s here that Iron Man recalls the most recent Marvel tie-in event (INFINITY) stating that the Avengers need a more galactic presence than they have had in the past. He suggests that a team of Avengers should go out into the depths of space alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the teams should rotate in shifts. He states that they should have their best pilot out there, and jokes saying that Rhodey (WarMachine/Iron Patriot) is the best man for the job.

Speaking of Rhodey, it appears that he, alongside several of Carol’s friends all come together at an old hangar to celebrate the birthday of an elderly friend of Carol’s. A few laughs and a LOT of cake is exchanged, but the true gift of the night is received by Carol…

capt. marvel 1-4

…As she passionately make out beside the hangar with RHODEY. This is yet another detail I have apparently missed since dropping the book after the art change. For me, this was quite the curve ball, and I believe thats how the writer intended it to be seen by new readers. This budding romance however, is stopped short when she tells Rhodey about Tony’s space Avenger plan.

capt. marvel 1-5

When asked what this would mean for them, she said she was unsure, but felt she needs time to find what she truly wants from life, and a trip into space is definitely something that can put things into perspective. Rhodey says that he wont tie her down if thats what she truly wants, and the pair part on equal terms.

Honestly, this book was quite amazing. As I read this book, I kept on making comparisons between this and the new Wolverine on-going title that I have previously reviewed. While Wolverine’s book also jumps between several time frames, his does it so erratically that one can’t truly comprehend what’s happening.

Captain Marvel does NOT have this problem. Not only does carol address her crew by name on the first page, but she also makes it clear what her current objectives in space are, while keeping her overall purpose their a mystery. We may not know who her teammates are as of yet, but with the introduction of one of her crew in the first issue, I believe we will be getting proper introductions as time goes on.

As I stated earlier, the artwork was going to be a crucial point with this title, and while it may not be as stylized as how the original run’s artwork started out, it is clearer and far better than that of the latter end of the run.

Carol seems to be at a crucial stage in her life: she needs a new challenge, and a chance to find where she truly belongs out there in the Marvel Universe. Hopefully this run will last long enough for her to do JUST THAT.


-A decent art style that far outshines its predecessor.

-A good introduction to Carol’s overall characterization, and her place in life

-A taste of some fun Star Wars-esque sci-fi adventures we’re looking forward to seeing

-A quick CATCH UP episode for those who haven’t read most of her last run



Rating: 4.5/5


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