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Yes, the time has finally arrived. The time which marks our sweet innocent high school sweethearts’ first steps into the hallowed halls of University. The time for our heroines to finally cast aside their adolescent tendencies and extreme love of rice as a side dish. The time to dig deep beneath their adorable exteriors and down into the depths of their rock goddess souls.

K-ON! College has arrived.

Of course none of this actually happens. No, true to its promise of classic slice of life kawaii literature, K-ON! College picks right up from where the second season left us: with four adorable rockers pledging themselves once again to dedicate themselves to their music. Only this time Yui, Riku, Mio and Mugi find themselves plagued by a whole new slew of distractions attuned to the finest aspects of that which we call college-life.

K-ON! College starts us off with the all too familiar situation of our adorable, yet we are truly concerned for her future spawn, Yui faring just about as well as we figured she would in college: not at all. Coupled with Riku, Mio and Mugi discussing the various facets of college including roommates, classes and of course food, in the midst of deep conversation our protagonists are once again faced with an overwhelming task. This task, behemoth in importance and bound to cause a turn of events that might just be glaringly obvious enough to emerge as our plot, is of course choosing a college club. What club do our girls choose? Why shockingly enough the Pop Music Club.


It is here that we meet a new onslaught of senpai and curiously only female rockers, as well as K-ON! College’s almost antagonist Akira. Bounding onto stage and rocking out in a manner left only to our imaginations, appears the hard metal trio of equally adorable and pretty much exact counterparts to Afternoon Tea Time. However, in lieu of the ditsy yet endearing lead guitarist that is our Yui, instead stands Akira, whose tough and edgy exterior is obviously impenetrable and who is absolutely and completely resolved to focus on her music and her music alone. Well that is until Yui decides to make her her new kitty cat.

Needless to say K-ON! College gives the reader nothing short of exactly what is expected: an adorable glimpse into how each of our beloved characters handle the burdens of adult life, bringing along new characters that are likewise fun, adorable, and the perfect mixture of edge meets kawaii that never ceases to make us beg for more.


The art, like that of the anime, is simple but beautifully presented. This paired with the hilarious and completely inconsequential predicaments that our girls of course once again find themselves in, makes K-ON! College a very pleasant, very simple read destined to drift you off into sweet dreams of tea and sweet uncomplicated nothings.

If, like myself, for you Fuwa Fuwa time is all the time, and the prospects of such gems as Mugi getting her first job and Mio gaining weight send tremors through your feeble loyal heart, pick this manga up immediately. You will not be sorry. However for the rest of you who enjoyed K-ON! for the music as well as the random spurts of quasi girl-on-girl action, I would say it is a safe bet to wait for the anime.


-Beautiful art




-Fairly uneventful

-Annoying Senpai story

Rating: 3.5/5rating35

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  1. K-ON as a manga never made sense to me. The magic of K-ON is in its visual motion, something that still drawings cannot capture. Hopefully your words speak truth and K-ON college will get an anime adaptation.

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