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Hey y’all! So this year, two of the big 3 companies (YG and JYP) have been debuting their first new groups in a while. GOT7 is JYP’s first new male group since 2PM (unless you count the JJ Project, which I wouldn’t do, since it was just a two member unit that ultimately dissolved when both members became a part of GOT7). They’re a hip hop group, a growing genre in k-pop these days, and also specialize in “martial arts tricking,” which is a combination of acrobatics and martial arts. According to their company, they’ll be “the next 2PM,” but with their own individual style. But does their debut live up to the hype?

Let’s look at Girls, Girls, Girls and find out.

GOT7 got it? cover

We have the official music video this time, because JYP adds English captions to all of their videos (Thank you, Park JinYoung).

We get a short intro of the guys as schoolboys (their ages range from 16-20 so the school uniform look works for them) but the background music isn’t the single. It’s actually an instrumental from another song on their debut EPGot It, named Follow Me. The next instrumental song is Like Oh, also from the EP. While the boys ride around on motorized skateboards, a girl walks home. They zoom past her and stop at a shop, dropping a piece of jewelry in the process. The girl follows them inside, finding a secret passageway to an underground club. People are dancing and hanging out, and the group has changed clothes unbelievably quickly. And then the actual song starts.

The rest of the video is just the boys performing the song in the middle of the dance floor. It’s your typical dance and sing k-pop video, except they utilize split screen shots with a single member going off on his own on one side, the rest of the group performing on the other side. Every once in a while the camera flashes back to the girl to show they haven’t forgotten about her.

got 7 girls girls girls mark

The girl’s reaction to a backflip.

The costumes are… well, they’re k-pop. They’re seven matching outfits in… is that camo? It’s hard to tell, but it’s some sort of brown pattern. If you ask me, I would’ve kept them in the uniforms. I’m all for coordination within a group, but these look a bit like matching pajamas. It looks like they’re trying to go for a hip hop vibe with these particular outfits, but when the group is a bunch of Asian pretty boys (only 4 of the members are actually Korean), it comes off more as sleep than street.

Way too cute to be hip hop.

Way too cute to be hip hop.

The lyrics are nothing new. They’re about a guy who is loved by girls without even trying. This sort of egotistical tone is common in hip hop, and even though this is an adorable k-pop group, they do have that hip hop influence and do their best to emulate it. There’s more singing than rapping though, so they seem to stick to the k-pop formula more than anything. I actually had to listen to this song several times because I wasn’t a fan of it when I first heard it. Even then, I didn’t grow to like it more. The main vocalist gets hardly any lines, it’s a bit repetitive, and there are no interesting melodies. It just comes off as boring to me. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not the best song on the EP. The main dance is nothing special but the martial arts tricks liven it up.

Members Jackson and Mark perform what looks like a Cheat 720 Twist.

Members Jackson and Mark perform what seems to be a Cheat 720 Twist.

Overall, a so-so song and pretty standard video. This is only the boys’ debut though, and hopefully there is much more to come from them. With a company like JYP backing them, they have a lot of potential, so I’ll be keeping my eye on them. In my opinion, the best song on their EP is Like Oh, a ballad-y dance song that really showcases the singers’ voices. If their next single is something in this vein, I will be a very happy k-pop fan.


Martial arts tricking.

-Creative camera shots.


Boring song and lyrics.

-Other than tricks, a relatively uncreative dance.

-OMG those clothes.

Rating: 2.5/5


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