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Hey y’all! Figured it was about time I paid attention to the girl groups as well. This week’s focus is the group Kiss&Cry from small entertainment company Winning Insight M. Three of the four members have had careers before- one as a solo artist with the same company, and the other two as groups. So though as a group, they’re relatively new, they’re not rookies by any means. They debuted at the beginning of the year with Domino Game.

kiss&cry domino game cover


Here’s the music video with English subs. (Just click CC)

There isn’t anything remarkable about the video itself. It seems to take place in several rooms inside a house, including a library, bedroom, kitchen, and living room (with a bathtub inexplicably in one corner). The video itself is a combination of group dance shots and individual close-ups without a plot other than the routine. Some scenes make it look a bit low-budget since you can see sheets and lights in the background, although it may be intentional. The cuts seem too fast for me, especially since the dance is very fast and energetic. The rapid changing between scenes almost made me dizzy.

Seriously, what is with that bathtub?

Seriously, what is with that bathtub?

The costumes are flattering and fashionable, and coordinate without being too matchy. No complaints there. The one thing I noticed was their platform heels. Those look impossible to walk in, let alone dance and jump around the way the choreography requires. I was struck by how energetic this dance is, and even when they’re wearing sneakers, there’s a wedge in them. Girl group dances are often looked down on because they’re “easy” to learn but that doesn’t take into account that these girls have to do the dances in heels that are at least four inches.

I can't imagine dancing in those.

I can’t imagine dancing in those.

The lyrics tell the story of a girl who’s decided to leave a bad relationship. The guy is a liar and treats the relationship like a game, so the girl can’t trust him anymore. Even if she doesn’t know if she can hate him, she can’t go back to him and keep crying. I kinda question the “domino game,” especially since the music video uses poker imagery (chips, cards, etc). A poker game might make sense, since the guy is such a great liar, which you’d need to be to win at poker (well, you’d need a poker face at least). They could have done something with dominoes instead, like setting them up in a complicated pattern and knocking it over. I guess that’s the “game” they meant, rather than the matching game. The falling dominoes would be fitting imagery for a relationship ending. So they definitely could have done better there.

Poker-I mean domino game?

A poker-I mean domino game?

Overall, great vocals. Fantastic, actually. I wish they’d done more harmonies because all of the members have fantastic voices. The song is really catchy with a big band/jazz-funk (?) vibe (I’m not entirely sure what the genre is, but I think I hear trumpets), and while the video isn’t the best, it’s not terrible. I’d probably prefer a dance version to be honest, as long as they don’t use jump cuts too much. And if you want to hear more from these girls, they released a new song last week called Revenge. The only reason why I didn’t review that one is that I would have torn the video apart (you’ll see why).


-Gorgeous vocals.

-Dancing in platform heels.

-Fun, catchy song.


-Video not entirely professional quality.

-Poker instead of dominoes?

-Weren’t as creative with vocals as I would have liked.

Rating: 4/5rating40


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