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This week’s Vocalog review is a light-hearted song for a change: Party x Party by Vocaloid Six, composed by the collab team of Hitoshizuku×Yama△. Do you think going RPG questing should be more fun? Watch how the six Vocaloids are re-imagined into RPG classes in this full color PV under the cut.

“Vocaloid Six” is just a quick and easy way to say “all of the Crypton Future Media’s Vocaloids,” which basically means Miku Hatsune as supported by Rin and Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and MEIKO and KAITO. Large song projects including all of them usually have elaborate artwork and story accompanying the song,  which is Party x Party‘s selling point.

Uploaded April 15th, it has already gained 200k+ views on NicoNico, it is NicoNico Cho Party 3’s Theme Song. The combination of Hitoshizuku×Yama△ have made previous hits like Bad ∞ End ∞ Night (though that had Vocaloid 8), and  Party x Party is of the same vein. An upbeat, jazzy tune with a story line and a zany cast, Party x Party uses the word’s double meaning to make a “party” out of the traditional RPG “party”-making function.

Watch the PV here and see how it pretends to be an RPG game:

The premise of the song is that Miku, a Rookie class player beginning her quest alone, wants to form a party in order to have fun and go through the dungeons. She is dressed in a cute faux-armor fantasy outfit with skirt and gloves. Along her way, she meets  Len (Gunner class) and Rin (Bard class), who suggest she create the ultimate party and search in the “NicoNico Pub.”

Meiko (Bartender class), Kaito (merchant class), and Luka (Dancer class) all agree to join up and they spend a rambunctious night “partying” at the pub together. As a play on “having fun while fighting”, Kaito and Len have a fist fight before reconciling with pints of beer.

All of them perform their typical class functions, with Rin the Bard with a feather in her cap serenading them on a guitar, and Luka dancing in her enchantress outfit. Meiko’s Bartender status is clearly because of her image as a sake-holic, while Kaito as a merchant is a nod towards his “Judgment of Corruption”‘s greed. He is also comically ignored or forgotten like his typical fan-made image of uselessness.

party x party-vocaloid-six-luka-megurine

“Charm cannot be raised,” it is already Fan-service level

Here the story basically dissolves into their chibi avatars dashing through more dungeons and quests. The song is a little repetitive in both lyrics and tune at this point, although its energetic feel suits the “theme song” vibe. It doesn’t have a very game-like or electronic sound, which contrasts a little oddly with their very robotic voices. True, that is to be expected from Vocaloids, but the tuning of various other group songs often have smoother sounds. Although I can’t find the information listed, I assume from the sound that the producers hadn’t used or else really showcased the newly released and improved V3 voice banks of Meiko and Kaito, which is a shame given the increased quality.

Eventually, the questing heroes reach the ultimate end-game boss, who is revealed to be – Miku?!

Miku is actually the (Dark Lord) Boss??

Miku is actually the (Dark Lord) Boss??

It’s a pretty neat twist that Miku, now dressed much more like a devilish World is Mine-style queen, has now become “Dark Lord” class. Disappointingly, her voicebank doesn’t change (this would be a perfect opportunity to use Miku’s Dark append).  However, going with the song’s theme, they host a “NicoNico cho-party,” where even “villains and heroes are friends here?!” No epic battle scenes or intense animation, just more smiley anime-bonding scenes.

In the end, Party x Party is a rather simple song that is basically there to draw you in with RPG costume designs to celebrate NicoNico. Sure, the concept Hitoshizuku×Yama△ came up with makes for a successful PV, but am I the only one to miss their Karakuri卍Burst type poignancy of sound and lyrics? While it is understandably well-executed, there are just elements missing to really make the song memorable for its replay or watch value. It is a song that uses all of the Vocaloids to display the artist’s ability and not much more.


-Well-drawn and designed PV that mimics the RPG game style and art.

-Catchy chorus with a hint of jazz.


-Spoken elements breaks up the song, which is not as smooth to listen to alone.

-Beyond the concept, not a huge amount of story.

-Missed potential for a better Vocaloid collaboration.

Rating: 3/5


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A vitasoy-fueled blogger that feels taller than her actual height online and therefore believes in the shoutbox that is the digital landscape. Fan of Japanese idols with their real or electronic personalities and beats.

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