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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Valiant Comics. At least once a month, I regale my loyal readers with my thoughts on at least one, if not more, new issues from the publisher. I’m today to instead talk about some other guys who have a great perspective on Valiant, and will probably give both new fans and old a greater link to the Valiant Universe. I’m here to talk about one of my favorite new podcasts, Valiant Effort!

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Valiant Effort stars Josh and Nick, two men who spend each episode discussing a specific trade paperback from the Valiant line. Both bring complete opposite perspectives, which is what makes the podcast so interesting. Josh is an avid comic reader, and has been a fan of Valiant since their original 90s incarnation. Nick, in contrast, has no background in American comics, though as a fan of films and anime he’s got a solid base of pop culture knowledge.

The format of the show is straightforward: before each episode, Josh and Nick read a trade from Valiant. Josh, as a single issue reader, has a longer perspective on each series, while Nick comes in cold. This gives a great dynamic, as old fans can be amazed at the sort of things Nick will predict. On the flip side, new or potential Valiant fans will appreciate the breadth of Valiant knowledge Josh brings to the table. Oh, and as a side note, both guys are from Connecticut, which makes me feel connected to my home state as I listen to their work.

Overall, Valiant Effort is definitely a podcast you should check out. Each episode averages an hour, and is full of great humor (especially Nick’s “Jaunty Rant” in episode 6). Even people who aren’t comic fans can appreciate their good natured dialogue, and I’d be surprised if a number of listeners weren’t inspired to start reading Valiant’s work. So go on and give Valiant Effort a shot!

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