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Good afternoon my Moar Powah chums and chumettes! Following my delightful tandem as a new writer in the glorious geek/weeaboo review land, this week I decided to embark upon, for myself, a brand new branch of fandom: Asian drama. While my friends have been trying to suck me into this deep, gaping, pit of feels for years, I have finally decided to take the plunge with a completely random Japanese drama: Last Cinderella. However, akin to a Whovian’s first glimpse at Tumblr, I now realize that I am in deep doodoo. In other words, I am in love.


Last Cinderella is a Japanese drama, 11 episodes long, that aired last year and completely shattered all expectations I had of Asian Dramas. Not only is Last Cinderella hilarious, adorable, and had me bawling multiple times, but it is likewise an extremely forward and progressive glimpse into how Japanese culture is changing, and some of the more fascinating ways that one might go about finding their sweetie.

The show follows 39 year-old Toyama Sakura: a quirky, old-fashioned broad who takes crap from no one and certainly knows how to dish it out. Approaching 40, and met with a sudden realization that she may or may not be turning into an old man, Sakura decides to take a stab at finding love, only to find herself in a relationship 24 year-old BMX rider Saeki Hiroto, while being the object of affection of her childhood friend Tachibana Rintaro (a.k.a. Japanese Johnny Depp).


While this show may seem like your average obnoxious love triangle, I assure you that it is anything but! Last Cinderella is what I describe as Japanese Sex and the City, fully equipped with a group of fabulous and dynamic girlfriends, and their hilarious sex-capades as 40-something women.


I promise not to go into too much detail in terms of the story-line, because the beauty that is drama is the complicated hilarity and ridiculous spins, but Last Cinderella is guaranteed to immediately grab your heart and rip it out slowly until its epic, and totally WRONG,  finale (but I forgive the writers for they are young and know not).

All in all this show is incredibly well done, and I honestly cannot say enough good things about it. The approach that this show takes towards exemplifying modern Japanese women, and their emerging role as PEOPLE and not stereotyped anime wallflowers, is absolutely incredible, and I have already suggested it to every one of my Japanese-inclined and not friends.


Whether a drama virgin or not, Last Cinderella is an amazing show, and I am not even sorry that I have officially thrown away my last strand of social life in exchange for it.


-Awesome insight into Japanese culture

-Freaking hilarious



Rating: 5/5


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  1. Really? REALLY?

    Okay, reading this review made me feel somewhat bad, since I took one look at the synopsis (and promo), and I just shook my head and turned away. (To be fair, the last drama I watched that had the leading lady was something-moon or moon-something with Kimura Takuya, and I didn’t quite like that drama aside from ONE of the good tracks on the OST.)

    Thanks for the review, and I’m going give this drama a second try, and (finally) learn not to judge a drama by the promos…

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